The newest addition to my fragrance collection


Oh yes, La Vie est Belle by Lancome, how amazing you smell. I’ve been wanting this fragrance for ages since I’ve smelled it in Sephora and I finally got it!


Words cannot describe how amazing this perfume smells. It’s very sophisticated and in my opinion, can be a winter and a summer scent because it has that note of patchouli which is warm. It’s very strong so only a spritz or two will do and last for the rest of the day. And if you spray it on your hair? It will last for days between washes. It’s main notes are Iris, Patchouli and Gourmand and together they smell heavenly. This is the perfume that gets compliments and stares from people who are wondering what you’re wearing (believe me, it’s happened). It is pretty pricey but you only need about 2 sprays everyday so it will last for a few months at least.


Cute Purchases of The Week!

ImageImage I honestly don’t think I could go one week without spending money on something that I don’t really need. That being said, I’m really excited to wear these purchases because they’re super cute and perfect for summertime.

Floral Dress: I got this floral high low dress, with a tulip-like fold in the front. It’s also strapless and the material is light and airy. It also ties in the front by the waist which completes the look. I can’t wait to wear this!

Jacket: This houndstooth-like jacket is 3/4 sleeved and has a unique lapel fold, which adds some pizzazz to it. It’s light enough to wear during rainy days and in the beginning of fall. It looks professional and when paired properly, can revamp an outfit.

Flats: I was browsing around the mall with a friend when I suddenly realized I needed more close-toed shoes to wear. I picked up these crochet flats in Mint because the color and design was so summery and pretty. Because it’s crochet, it allows your feet to breathe as well.

Rollerball: After spraying the Jimmy Choo scent one day in Sephora, I decided that I had to get it. I didn’t want to take the plunge and get the full-sized bottle so I instead purchased the rollerball. The scent is fantastic and the wear is long lasting. I definitely recommend this.

Rings: I bought this set of rings from Forever21. They’re versatile and could be worn together as one ring, spaced apart or as separate rings altogether.


I don’t ever remember being this indecisive about a fragrance.

School starts in about 2 weeks, to my utter distraught. And I have yet to go back to school shopping . 😡 Basically the only things I’ve bought were textbooks and more textbooks. So, why not start my back to school shopping with a new fragrance? I’ve always been one for smelling good and when hit with the possibility of fragrance shopping, I’m always more than elated. I believe your fragrance speaks a lot about you, it kind of gives others a ‘first impression’ about you. Which is why I’m so indecisive about choosing a new fragrance to wear going back to school. I’ve managed to cross some off my list, while adding even more. Here are my choices:

1. Flowerbomb – Viktor and Rolf

2. Boyfriend – Kate Walsh

3. Acqua di Gioia – Giorgio Armani

4. Burberry Brit

I can’t say I have one particular type of scent that I like because I like to have a variety that I can switch up whenever I need. Boyfriend seems to be calling my name but then Burberry Brit pops up like, hey hello what about me? LOL. I honestly have no idea which to choose. So, if anyone has tested/tried/used any of these above mentioned fragrances, let me know what you think of them!