I’m obsessed with how glittery this polish is. It’s super opaque, goes on super easily, dries super fast, and looks incredible. I was not expecting it to look as nice as it came out! Now that I have it on my nails, I can’t stop looking at it because it literally looks so sparkly and shiny. Love it!


Super Bargain Buys of the Week

Have you ever been somewhere and was completely sold on something because of the price? Image Now I’m not one to generally go for nail polishes or lipsticks that look ‘cheap’, but I also am not crazy enough to buy a nail polish for $22, when I could get something else much more worthwhile and that would last longer. It’s all about opportunity cost 😉 So, if I see something that I like and it is at a price I like, you best believe I’ll snatch it up. Which is what this post is about. I don’t normally frequent Dollar Stores (twice a year max) so I’m usually oblivious to the prices of some of the things in there. Which is why when I stumbled upon these three nail polishes, I had to get them. Not only were they super cheap, but I found them in colors I’ve been wanting to buy (from more expensive brands) for the longest time. Given that they were super cheap, I wasn’t expecting them to perform as well as alternative drug store polishes but man I was wrong. I wore the middle polish all week and experienced less chipping than I have with Sally Hansen or other brands. Crazy right? The colors are super opaque and it glides on very well and dries ridiculously fast.

I also stopped by Duane Reade and was pretty surprised that they now carried Wet N Wild products (or have they always carried Wet n Wild? Again, not a frequenter of drugstores as well). I have been lusting after a really bright, orange red lipstick for a very long time. I love how the color is so vibrant and just pops when you put it on. It’s so fun and it’s different from regular pinks/mauves/nudes that are worn. So when I saw this color, I was like HELLO, it’s my lucky day. Image                                                          The color I got is called Purty Persimmon
Image                                                           Here’s what a swatch looks like

I’m in love with this color. It looks amazing when you put it in and doesn’t come off even after hours of wear. I’ve noticed that it’s a lot more creamier and doesn’t dry my lips out after a few hours of wear, so that’s a huge plus. This is currently my favorite lipstick now and I don’t think I’ll stop wearing it for a while. 


Nails and Lips

ImageHad a great day out in the city today and discovered this amazing nail polish and these lip sticks!

Nails: Illamasqua – Cameo 

Super gorgeous cornflower blue that reminds me of an ocean. Love it for summer. 

Lips: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Bang topped off with Stila’s Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick in Carina. 

I am in love with these two lipsticks; they’re similar colors but the Stila is more of a matte lip stain. Both are super pigmented and they’re bold and bright, which add a pop of color to your outfit/face/skin? 😀 The point is: Bang and Carina are amazing.