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Products I’m currently trying!


I got these two samples in a Clinique beauty bag that came as a free gift when you ordered more than x-dollars from Clinique or something and these were included in the cosmetic bag. I’ve heard a lot about the Clinique Moisture Surge and I just so happened to have run out of my Josie Maran Argan Oil, so I decided to start using this instead. So far I’ve been really liking it, as well as the Repairwear Laser Focus serum, which I use at night. The Moisture Surge, though it’s a gel-like consistency, is very hydrating and thicker than most gels and doesn’t leave my skin feelings parched. I haven’t seen much of a difference from using the Repairwear Laser Focus, so I will have to keep using it and get back to you guys on that.


I picked these makeup remover wipes while standing in line at Forever21 and decided to give them a try. Now I didn’t expect amazing things from these wipes, but they were $2.80 and so I thought “why not?” They’ve been pretty good at getting my makeup off and they’re extremely gentle on my sensitive skin. Usually makeup wipes leave my skin burning, which is why I never used them. But these seem to work for my skin and so I’m glad.

I will try to do a more in-depth review of these products if I end up really loving them and if you guys want reviews on them, I will of course do my best to review them 🙂


Mini-Forever21 Haul and Happy Easter!

    Image                                                                          So I stopped by Forever21 a few days ago, since I haven’t been in FOREVER (no pun intended :D), and I picked up a few ‘spring/summer’ essentials. And as you can see, I went a little overboard on the floral. Oh well, I regret nothing. 

Image                                                                           I picked up this super cute teal, floral skater skirt that I’m definitely going to wear high-waisted with a crop top and a pair of tights. 


I then got these navy dolphin shorts that are super short so I might have to wear tights under these, and randomly threw in this bikini top because well it was like $5.      


And I also got a white knit racerback tank that’s pretty see through but will be the perfect layering piece for a bandeau underneath or I’ll use it as a cover up at the beach since it’s pretty long as well. And I got a pair of floral leggings because I love the leggings that they carry, they’re super soft and comfortable and definitely don’t have that ‘legging’ look and feel. 

I really didn’t need any more clothes but I still picked up a few things just for the sake of it. I can’t wait for the weather to get better so I can put these pieces to use! 

Also, Happy Easter to all of my readers out there who are celebrating!