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Clinique Moisture Surge Review

Hello all! Today I’ll be reviewing the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer that I’ve been using for quite a while now. I’m finally done with finals and the semester so now I’m just ready to kick-start summer! Anyways, back to the main point, this moisturizer is intended to be a light moisturizer that’s not too heavy or sticky. It is gel based and has a gel like consistency but sort of  little bit thicker. It is hydrating enough for use during the spring and summer and when the weather is really humid and hot. However, if you have dry skin or combo skin I wouldn’t suggest using this moisturizer. I have oily skin but even so I have my dry skin phases and I’ve used  this moisturizer when my skin has reacted really terribly to the change in weather. That being said, this moisturizer alone will not do it if you have dry patches or have dry skin in general. It is best when layered with a serum or essence. Image

Here’s what it looks like on my hand


And here’s a swatch

A lot of people have said that this moisturizer soothes redness and inflamed skin and from my personal experience, it doesn’t really do exactly that. Maybe it does if you really pack it on but I find that a little bit goes a long way to cover my face. In my opinion, it’s a basic hydrating moisturizer best suited for those with combo/oily skin and definitely not something that’s to be used alone. I like this moisturizer but I haven’t seen any extremely drastic changes to my skin when using it.

Rate: 3.5/5


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Products I’m currently trying!


I got these two samples in a Clinique beauty bag that came as a free gift when you ordered more than x-dollars from Clinique or something and these were included in the cosmetic bag. I’ve heard a lot about the Clinique Moisture Surge and I just so happened to have run out of my Josie Maran Argan Oil, so I decided to start using this instead. So far I’ve been really liking it, as well as the Repairwear Laser Focus serum, which I use at night. The Moisture Surge, though it’s a gel-like consistency, is very hydrating and thicker than most gels and doesn’t leave my skin feelings parched. I haven’t seen much of a difference from using the Repairwear Laser Focus, so I will have to keep using it and get back to you guys on that.


I picked these makeup remover wipes while standing in line at Forever21 and decided to give them a try. Now I didn’t expect amazing things from these wipes, but they were $2.80 and so I thought “why not?” They’ve been pretty good at getting my makeup off and they’re extremely gentle on my sensitive skin. Usually makeup wipes leave my skin burning, which is why I never used them. But these seem to work for my skin and so I’m glad.

I will try to do a more in-depth review of these products if I end up really loving them and if you guys want reviews on them, I will of course do my best to review them 🙂


Skin Care Concerns and Tips for Uneven Skin Tone and Breakouts!

Many of us suffer from a variety of skin concerns. Some of these include uneven skin tone, oily, acne prone skin and more. This post will be addressing some of these concerns and giving a few tips and advice on how to deal with these problems. 

 Uneven Skin Tone

A lot people suffer from uneven skin tone, whether it be on our faces or on our bodies or both. These can be due to age, exposure to the sun, friction, shaving and even products like antiperspirants. One way to help even out skin tone would be to exfoliate, at least once a week. It’s important to give yourself a really good scrub down to get rid of all the dead skin cells in order for newer ones to form. Most people use loofahs but what I find really works is Korean ‘Italy towels‘. They come in a variety of ‘roughness’ and really get a lot of dead skin cells off. You put your hands inside and use it to scrub your entire body. After soaking in hot water in the shower or bath for about 15 minutes, you can start scrubbing your skin. The best thing is that you don’t need to use any shower gel to give it a lather because it’s supposed to be just pure friction. Your skin will get red and it will kinda sorta hurt but you’ll be as soft as a baby’s butt afterwards. 

For dark underarms a simple paste made out of baking soda and lemon juice or water will help lighten it up. All you need to do is mix some baking soda with water or lemon juice until it forms a nice paste and apply it to your underarms and leave it on for 15 minutes. If you keep doing this weekly or every few days, you will notice a huge difference. That being said, the same paste could be used to lighten up parts like dark elbows and knees as well!

For dull, uneven skin tone on your face, a moisturizer with Vitamin C in it works to help brighten up your skin instantly. The vitamin C also helps to fade dark spots and hyper-pigmentation from breakouts as well. Face oils such as Argan oil or Maracuja oil contain a lot of vitamins and essential fatty acids which nourish and hydrate the skin, fade dark patches and spots, help with breakouts, control oil and shine and give your skin a healthy glow. You only need about a drop or two every time, so a little really goes a long way. I highly recommend trying a face oil like Josie Maran’s Argan Oil or Argan Oil Light if you’re a first timer and if you have oily, acne prone skin. Trust me, it WORKS. The oil hydrates your skin so it doesn’t feel dehydrated and needs to produce more oil than normal. With the oil production cut down, there would be less chances of breakouts because there’s less sebum clogging the pores of the skin. It’s literally a win-win situation. 



To keep breakouts at bay, I suggest using clay masks once a week or any other type of mask geared toward acne prone and oil skin. Ingredients such as tea tree, egg white, volcanic or ghassoul clay help to tighten pores and treat existing breakouts. 
 You should also cleanse twice a day, once in the morning and once at night if you have oily skin and make sure to use a gentle cleanser that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils. I like using Clinique’s Liquid Facial Soap in Mild which is geared to dry, combination skin but works just as well for my oily skin. 
If possible, try investing in a cleansing brush such as the Clairsonic or a less expensive one from Missha or buying a manual facial brush such as the Scrubbing pad from Sephora or a bristle brush like this:  This brush is also from Missha and has tons of soft bristles which help unclog your pores. Another tip for cleansing would be to work the brush against the grain of your skin. It’s better to brush both counterclockwise and clockwise depending on where you are brushing and which side of the face you are brushing. 

Spot treatments that contain calamine, tea tree oil, sulfur, or hinoki cypress really help in calming pimples and keeping them under control. I especially like Etude House’s AC Clinic Red Spot Balm because it does a fantastic job of minimizing the pimple and reducing redness and inflammation. Also their Pink Powder Spot is very popular and does a great job of healing acne. 
Another good spot treatment is Ciracle’s Red Spot Healing Cream which does the same thing and is super effective.  The important thing to keep in mind when treating breakouts is that everyone’s skin is different and will react differently to certain products. Some DIY masks that are great at helping keep break outs under control are: Sandalwood or Turmeric paste mask, Aspirin mask and Egg white mask. 

For entire skin care lines you can check out The Body Shop’s Tea Tree line and Etude House’s AC Clinic line as well as their Wonder Pore line; another great line of products is Holika Holika Soda Pore line and it doesn’t hurt to check out Ciracle’s Anti-Blemish Set and its other acne products. 

Thanks for reading! If you have any more questions or concerns, please let me know!


Clinique’s Liquid Facial Soap Review


After using several cleansers in the past I think I’ve finally found the one that is perfect for my skin. And surprise surprise, it’s from Clinique. I love Clinique products because they’re fragrance free, dermatologist tested, super gentle and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. Don’t let the word ‘soap’ deter you from trying this. It’s anything but harsh. When I first tried it, I was amazed with how super gentle this cleanser was, yet still effective. Even though I have oily skin, I’ve found that the mild type facial soap for dry/combo skin is much better for my skin. It’s a lot more gentler on my sensitive skin and it cleans my skin well without stripping it of its natural oils and leaves my face feeling tight and dry. Since summer ended, my skin began to act differently since it wasn’t as hot anymore. It became drier and I even needed a more hydrating moisturizer to make it feel ‘normal’ again. This cleanser was perfect for that period because it’s initially directed towards people with dry/combo skin. Also since I’ve started using this cleanser, I’ve noticed a decrease in the number of times I broke out. I went from breaking out from what seems like every week or 2 weeks to once a month. I honestly thought that no cleanser that wasn’t super duper expensive could help clear up breakouts and keep them at bay, but this has proven me wrong. 


The cleanser is clear and liquid-y (as the name suggests) and foams a little bit when lathered. I like the foam that it produces because it feels natural and not overdone like most foaming cleansers do when they ‘foam’. When used with my scrubbing pad it effectively removes my makeup and everything else on my face. I don’t even feel scared about using this cleanser on my eyelids…that’s how gentle it is. 

Overall, I love this cleanser. I’m definitely going to keep using this cleanser especially during the upcoming fall and winter months. A full sized bottle (it’s huge) is only $16.50 and you only need a dime sized amount to cleanse your face with so it definitely is economical and worth it. 


– Gentle

– Cleanses effectively (takes off make-up, oil, dirt, etc)

– Non-drying

– Fragrance free

– Great for sensitive skin

– Doesn’t break your bank 

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Back to school essentials!

IMG_2544Since it’s back to school season (I start next week D: ) I thought I’d do a back to school post about things you’ll need or want for when you go back to school. I tried to cater a bit to high-school/college age students but of course some things apply more to college students since some high schools have strict dress codes.

1. This is my all time favorite blemish fighting product, Etude House’s AC Clinic Red Spot Balm and their AC Clinic cleanser. I had bought this a while ago with hopes that it would help clear up my breakouts and it did!

2. For school, a heavy un-natural eye makeup look is a no-no. It looks too overdone and try-hard. That’s why a nice neutral palette is perfect for adding some definition to your eyes. This is Clinique’s Color Surge Eyeshadow Duo with a blush as well.

3. For girls on a budget this is Clean and Clear’s Dual Action Moisturizer which helps fight against breakouts and moisturizes.

4. Of course who can’t go without deodorant! This is a must for everyone, everyday.

5. This is Clinique’s Cream Blush, it’s a cream blush with wonderful pigment that could also double up as a natural lip color.

6. This is The Body Shop’s Soothing Aloe Day cream, it’s pricier than Clean and Clear’s but it really helps to calm redness and inflammation in my skin.

7. My BB Cream is a must everyday. I don’t ever use foundation so this BB cream is the way to go. It’s Etude House’s Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream. I did a review on it a while ago and it’s nothing short of amazing!

8. A compact rollerball keeps you smelling fresh and clean all day long, since it’s a rollerball it’s easy to reapply throughout the day. I love my Jimmy Choo rollerball fragrance 🙂

9. Another eyeshadow duo by Clinique also features natural colors that are appropriate for school and not the club.

10. Maybelline’s Baby Lips not only smells nice but gives you a nice pink tint as well as hydration, if you’re in the rush or can’t wear lipstick to school.

11. Another one of my favorites is MAC’s Cozy Up, which is a nice nude/coral color and doesn’t look dramatic for school.

12. What girl can’t go without eyeliner? Usually schools are lax when it comes to wearing eyeliner so this is one thing you can probably get away with if you go to a strict high school. This is Sephora’s Kohl Eyeliner in Smoky Gray.

Image Here’s a closeup shot of the eyeshadow palettes and the cream blush. Notice how they all seem to be in the same color range 😀 ImageI went shopping in Soho yesterday and of course I had to go visit this really popular, trendy clothing store that I really like. And I got this pair of of shorts which have a little flounce at the sides that look super cute. I also got a new pair of oxfords because my previous ones have been to hell and back, and I needed some new ones. So happy with my purchase! mujiI also visited Muji to pick up by go-to school books where I take all of my notes in. For those of you who don’t know what Muji is, it’s a Japanese chain store that sells everything from school supplies to storage to clothes to skincare, all under their own brand name. They’re super minimalistic, which is one of their charms, and on the higher end of the price range. Their notebooks are amazing because they’re light (which is GREAT) and compact.


I love having a colorful manicure on my nails because not only is it eyecatching but also it looks so fun! The nail polishes are Ciate’s – Skinny Jean and Illamasqua – Venous.
Image And of course these are essential for school! It’s imperative to have your course syllabi printed out, your schedule (of course), your calculator, clicker and your iPad (because who still carries a heavy laptop around?).

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Clinique Color Surge Trio Review

This is one of the best, if not the best eyeshadow trios I’ve ever used. I know it’s a tall claim but this little palette delivers and more. These 3 colors are super versatile and could be used on lid, crease and inner corners interchangeably. Not to mention, these are ridiculously pigmented, especially the middle color which is part of the Sunburst Duo (the first two shadows). The third and final color is called Rum Spice. 

Here are the colors swatched on my arm.

All three swatches only took about 1 or 2 swipes to get such a great pigment. I personally love using the middle color to highlight my inner corners and browbone highlight over the MAC Shroom which I also use as a highlight. You can use these shadows over the lid uniformly or as a trio indeed by adding the orange-y/coral color on your lid, the champagne color as an inner corner and browbone highlight and the darker Rum Spice to create a subtle smoky eye look. This trio is definetely one of the things I’d pack if I were to travel overnight or for a couple of days.

Rate: 5/5

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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Gel Review!

It’s time for me to share the most amazing moisturizers that have ever touched my skin. Introducing, Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Gel.

These moisturizers are like a godsend for my skin. I have oily, sensitive acne-prone skin and though my skin is oily, it does get dry depending on the weather. It’s said on the Clinique website that a bottle of this moisturizing lotion is sold every 3.5 seconds! That’s how good this stuff is. My skin is super sensitive, especially the skin on my face. Certain products would make my face turn red and itch like no tomorrow, not to mention cause breakouts. Clinique’s formula is ridiculously and amazingly gentle on my skin. It’s moisturizing gel and lotion are both allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. Actually, I think their entire line of skin care and make-up products are all allergy tested and fragrance free. 😀

About the lotion: the Clinique website claims, “The moisture “drink” developed by Clinique’s dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance. Softens, smooths, improves.”

About the gel: the website also claims, “The oil-free moisture “drink” developed by Clinique’s dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance for skins comfortable in the cheeks but oily in the T-zone or oily all over. Oil-free formula softens, smooths, improves.”

The gel is more suited for oily/combination skin types and the lotion is more suited towards drier skin types, however I like to use both interchangeably, depending on the season. During the winter, the cold winds make my skin really dry, so the lotion is a lifesaver. However, when it gets warmer, I like to use the gel because of its lightweight texture. But, I do use the lotion at night more-so because my skin is regenerating while I sleep and so I want to provide it with full hydration, and I use the gel during the day because of its lighter texture and feel.

I do like that the gel controls the oil on my face a lot more than the lotion, particularly because it’s formulated for oilier skin types. A little bit of both really goes a long way and it’s easy to pat into your skin and be absorbed.

I love how soft my skin feels and how smooth it looks after applying these moisturizers. Neither one have caused me any breakouts and I’ve been using both for a very, very long time. Both are incredibly moisturizing and provide all day/night hydration. My skin looks great, feels great and I can’t think of any other moisturizers that have been this gentle, and effective on my skin.  Honestly, I wouldn’t even think about switching to another moisturizer.

Rate: 5/5 for both.

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Little Summer Goodies

So I’ve recently acquired some products that I’m really excited to start/keep using. Some are samples I’ve received by ordering products online and some are full sized products. So to start, my absolute favorite moisturizer has to be Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel and lotion. I’m currently using the dramatically different moisturizing lotion but it’s almost finished so I got the gel. I like to keep interchanging the gel and lotion depending on the season, and my skin needs. 

Clinique’s moisturizers are incredibly gentle on my skin, which is very sensitive, and provide all day hydration. I’ll be doing a more in-depth review of this moisturizer because I just love it so much.

Now here is a Clinique product I haven’t tried before; the pore minimizer thermal activated cleanser that opens up pores for deep cleaning.  This looks promising so I’ll try this product and possibly do a review on it also.

Next up is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair sample that I received from my aunt, who is a huge Estee Lauder fan (she’s definitely trying to convert me). It’s a really light serum that goes on right before your moisturizer. It’s specifically for anti-aging, hydration and keeping skin looking young and glowing. But, seeing as I’m still young, I have no wrinkles so I can’t testify for the wrinkle-reducing properties.

And here we have the Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus. It’s basically a primer for your lashes and helps mascara go on and adhere better. Can’t wait to try that out.

 And this is the Estee Lauder Double Wear lip pencil in Spice. I’m usually not a fan of dark lip-colors particularly because I find it unflattering on my skin-tone. However, this seems to be a very natural looking lip pencil and it doesn’t smudge at ALL. Once it’s on, it stays on.

Then we have a Victoria Secret Blush/Highlighter Duo in Runway. I love the contrast of both colors, I particularly like the highlighter color more than the blusher but I’ll have to test them out and see how they look with each other.

I’m almost done! Since my favorite, favorite, favorite lipstick from SEPHORA Collections is breathing its last days, I got a MAC lipstick of the same color family (Coral), in Crosswires. I love the color Coral because it looks very flattering against my skin and it’s just so bright and summery. Crosswires is a pinky-orange color which I adore though it’s not the exact match to the R15 of the Sephora Rouge Collection, the Sephora Rouge is more of a light coral while Crosswires is a coral pink. Doesn’t matter, I love them both.

I have a drugstore mechanical eyeliner in Metallic Silver. Can’t say much about it except the color rubs off really fast.

And lastly, I have a sample of the Time Revolution Essence from Missha. Haven’t tried it yet so don’t know if it works well or not.

And that was my little (pretty long) overview of some products I got this summer :3 Have you guys tried any of these? Let me know what you think!