Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Review

Hey everyone! It’s been a reaaaallly long time since I’ve made a post because life has just gotten to hectic for me. It’s still hectic but I figured hey, why not make a quick post via the WordPress app? (Also because I’m really lazy and just took the pictures on my phone instead of my camera.)

This review is going to be about Nature Republic’s Snail solution mask, which I tried for the very first time. 

Now I’m not stranger to Snail products, I’ve used and loved Mizon’s Snail gel cream before, so this mask didn’t freak me out. My initial impression about taking it out of the packet was that it was very saturated with solution, which I judged to be a good sign of some super hydration to come. Usually with Korean beauty masks I like to leave them on for at least 30 minutes but the directions on these said to leave it for 10-15. And in retrospect, I can see why. Even though it initially had a ton of moisture, once I slapped it on my face, it started drying pretty quickly. 

It had a very light scent so if you’re sensitive to scents (I’m not) you will like it. After taking it off, my skin was left with the sheen that most sheet masks leave due to their moisturization. It didn’t leave a very sticky feel like that of some Tony Moly masks (which I love, but could do without the excessive stickiness.) My skin did look brighter and had a nice glow to it so that was a definite plus! 

Here’s what some of the solution looked like. There was actually quite a bit left in the packet after I took the mask out, which I used to moisturize my neck and chest and even my arms! 

After rubbing it in slightly.

I also took a photo of the ingredients in case anyone was curious as to what was in it. I didn’t see anything I disliked until methylparaben, but since it was one of the last on the list it’s presence in the actual solution would be minimal. Also, even though it is a “Snail solution” mask, Snail filtrate is also pretty far down the list after all of the plant extracts. That could be a good thing or bad thing…but seeing as the mask says Snail solution, one would expect it to actually make up a good portion of the ingredients.

Overall: I would give this sheet mask a 4/5. 

Thanks for reading! 


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