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How to treat dry, blistered and chapped skin during the winter!

Okay if any of you guys live in a cold climate, you know what I’m talking about. The wind and cold outside is so biting and strong that it literally chaps and ruins your skin and throws it off balance. Not to mention, the heat is on blast when you’re inside and that dries out your skin even further. Now I wouldn’t be writing this post if it wasn’t relevant because right now my face is so dry and tight and chapped and blistered, it literally looks as red as a tomato. And I’m sitting here writing this post with oatmeal on my face. Yes, I said it…OATMEAL. There’s nothing really we can do to help our skin ‘recover’ faster when this sort of thing happens because like most things, your skin needs to take its time to readjust and re-balance its natural oils. But we can help alleviate some of the inflammation and symptoms by making sure to keep to a strict routine of moisturization and of course, with the help of some good ol’ oatmeal. 

Oatmeal is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and are able to soothe skin irritations  such as dry, chapped skin. Oatmeal is also chock full of vitamins, minerals and lipids which provide essential hydration to your skin. Being extremely gentle and non-irritating, oatmeal is perfect for sensitive skin. What you can do is make a simple mask out of the oatmeal you have at home.

To make your homemade oatmeal mask you need: Oatmeal and water. If you need more hydration, you can also add in a teaspoon of honey.

How to:

1. With a generous amount of oatmeal cupped in your palm, place it under running water so that it oatmeal gets soggy and wet. Once it’s wet enough, you should be able to squeeze your hand and see a milky fluid coming out of it. This is the magical liquid you need!

2. Once you’ve squeezed enough of this liquid into a small bowl you can add the honey and even throw in the soggy flakes of the oatmeal because they still have the same benefits as the liquid. However, if you aren’t keen on being messy you can leave out that part. (Another method, which is extremely messy by the way, is to take the soggy oatmeal and its milky liquid in your palm and apply it directly to your face. You have to make sure to press the oatmeal into your skin to make it stick on there well).

3. Mix the ingredients well and then apply to your face GENEROUSLY. Dab it on, stick it on, whatever it takes. This step is the messiest because you end up getting oatmeal everywhere so make sure you do it over a sink. Once the ‘mask’ dries, your face should be feeling really tight and not hydrated at all…but that’s alright. Give the oatmeal some time to work its magic.

4. After 15 minutes (or longer if you want to), wash the oatmeal off gently using circular motions. (Oatmeal makes a great natural cleanser because it contains saponins, which are chemicals that are known for their cleansing properties).

5. After drying your face, your face should look less flushed and feel less dry and itchy than before. Continue on with your moisturization routine.

Make sure your face is properly moisturized at ALL times. In this situation, an oil would do a better moisturizing job than a thin moisturizer. Oils like argan oil are perfect for the job. Be careful not to over cleanse with any harsh cleansers and with any tools such as a scrubbing pad or a Clairsonic. Just make sure it has enough moisture to cope with. Exfoliating and scrubbing wouldn’t do any good in this situation because it would only abrade the skin even more and make it raw-er and drier.

And that’s how to use oatmeal to help your skin survive harsh winters! Trust me, it’s getting down to 4 degrees F tonight which is equivalent to -15 degrees C. Woo, sounds amazing right? Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have anymore winter skin remedies please let me know! 🙂


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