Clinique’s Liquid Facial Soap Review


After using several cleansers in the past I think I’ve finally found the one that is perfect for my skin. And surprise surprise, it’s from Clinique. I love Clinique products because they’re fragrance free, dermatologist tested, super gentle and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. Don’t let the word ‘soap’ deter you from trying this. It’s anything but harsh. When I first tried it, I was amazed with how super gentle this cleanser was, yet still effective. Even though I have oily skin, I’ve found that the mild type facial soap for dry/combo skin is much better for my skin. It’s a lot more gentler on my sensitive skin and it cleans my skin well without stripping it of its natural oils and leaves my face feeling tight and dry. Since summer ended, my skin began to act differently since it wasn’t as hot anymore. It became drier and I even needed a more hydrating moisturizer to make it feel ‘normal’ again. This cleanser was perfect for that period because it’s initially directed towards people with dry/combo skin. Also since I’ve started using this cleanser, I’ve noticed a decrease in the number of times I broke out. I went from breaking out from what seems like every week or 2 weeks to once a month. I honestly thought that no cleanser that wasn’t super duper expensive could help clear up breakouts and keep them at bay, but this has proven me wrong. 


The cleanser is clear and liquid-y (as the name suggests) and foams a little bit when lathered. I like the foam that it produces because it feels natural and not overdone like most foaming cleansers do when they ‘foam’. When used with my scrubbing pad it effectively removes my makeup and everything else on my face. I don’t even feel scared about using this cleanser on my eyelids…that’s how gentle it is. 

Overall, I love this cleanser. I’m definitely going to keep using this cleanser especially during the upcoming fall and winter months. A full sized bottle (it’s huge) is only $16.50 and you only need a dime sized amount to cleanse your face with so it definitely is economical and worth it. 


– Gentle

– Cleanses effectively (takes off make-up, oil, dirt, etc)

– Non-drying

– Fragrance free

– Great for sensitive skin

– Doesn’t break your bank 


8 thoughts on “Clinique’s Liquid Facial Soap Review”

  1. How long will a bottle like that last you and where do you get a cleansing pad. I’ve recently started using dry/combo face bar soap. It’s amazing, but I need to exfoliate and don’t know what to use.

    Any tips will be great.

    Ps. Do you use all the steps. Ie. the cream and toner as well? Is it worth getting all 3.


    1. A 6.7 oz bottle will last you from around 1 month to 3 months, depending on how much you use it. If you use it twice a day, daily I would say around 1 month and some. I got my scrubbing pad from Sephora for only 5 bucks! It lasts forever and is gentle on your skin too. I used to use the moisturizing lotion and the moisturizing gel and I loved both of them however I use a Sephora brand moisturizer for myself now. The toner I’ve heard, is really good and also really big so it might be worth the investment too. I don’t know whether it would be worth getting all 3 steps because I haven’t used all 3 simultaneously but from what I’ve used they did a great job. 🙂

  2. I’m a Clinique girl myself, all the way from cleanser through to foundation! (Not a big fan of Clinique for colors, though!) And I do use all three steps; what I like is that it is VERY concentrated – you really only need a little bit to do the job. And the moisturizer is VERY lightweight and absorbs quickly.

  3. i’ve recently been recommended to try the clinique’s facial cleansing routines for different types of skin and this sounds really good, i really need to try them. is there any way you can get a sample or some sort of trial for a product?

    1. You can purchase a trial kit from clinique to see how you like the products before buying the full sized. I dont think they really give out any free samples of clinique products anywhere, you would have to go in store and ask.

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