Shopping Finds!

So yesterday I went shopping at the mall, in what seemed like forever! I hadn’t been to the mall in ages, so this trip was much needed. ImageMost of the things I got were from Forever21 and Sephora. ImageI got this pair of black and white grid leggings from Forever21. This was actually on my Fall 2013 trends post and I just so happened to come across it in store. Forever21 leggings are 95% cotton which I love because I abhor spandex leggings with a passion! (Except for wearing them to work out, then that’s fine). ImageThe next thing I got was this muscle tee right here. I love the black and gold and how cool it looks. This will look awesome when paired with leggings and combat boots. ImageThe next thing I got was this checkered crop top with long sleeves. Hell yes. Who says you can’t wear crop tops when it’s cold outside? LOL. But really I would wear this top with a black tank top underneath so my midriff isn’t exposed to the cold. I love how vivid the print is and it looks really eye-catching too.ImageThe last thing that I got from Forever21 was this black clutch. It’s a basic black evening clutch with a gold clasp. Looks classy and not too overdone. ImageI stopped by Charlotte Russe and picked up this brown embossed zip-around wallet. I love zip-around wallets and I’ve been meaning to get one for a really long time. It has a lot of card slots and a zippered pouch inside to hold your coins. ImageAt Sephora I grabbed this product on a whim. Literally saw the price, knew nothing about it, but still decided to get it anyways. Who does that? -Women everywhere slowly raise their hands- ImageThis I also grabbed on a whim but this time I have a reason for it! I’m currently running low on my daily moisturizer so I picked this up as a back-up for when it finally finishes. I like that it has antioxidants in it as well. 


And that was my little shopping haul. Thanks for reading!



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