Stridex Natural Control Pads

One day on a whim, I decided to pick these Stridex pads up at a local drugstore. I was looking for a pad to help me remove my makeup, since I’m not a fan of makeup wipes. (Yes, I said it. I don’t dig facial wipes). So, not only were they a better bang for the buck than the Clearasil pads, but they were completely and totally alcohol free. ImageIt contains 70, triangular pads that are super-soaked in solution (as in dripping as you take them out). One pad is enough to clean your face about 5 times over or you could clean your neck and chest area in addition to your face. Some of the ingredients these pads contain (well the solution) is pomegranate, white tea, soy and 1% salicylic acid. Image

What I love about these pads is that the formula is almost 100% natural and contains 3 antioxidants, as well as an acne fighting agent like salicylic acid, and best of all: no alcohol. I know, you’re thinking “What? That’s not possible.” I thought so too, because even though many companies like to say their product contains no alcohol (cough cough TONERS) they do in fact contain alcohol denat. (denatured) or just plain and simple alcohol. But, after sniffing the pad and rubbing it on my skin, I smelled no alcohol whatsoever. After looking at the ingredients list, there was no alcohol listed as well. For once, a company actually delivers when they say ‘no alcohol’! As someone with super oily skin, the last thing I’d want to be doing is putting a drying agent on my skin, which spurs the negative feedback mechanism causing my skin to produce more oil to compensate for the ‘dryness’. Oh biology. Image                                                            Here what one pad looks like.

After taking it out of the jar it was so soaked in solution that it ran down my hand, so I had to hold it like this. 😀 Okay all specifications aside, time to tell you what I really think of this product. These pads are incredibly amazing at removing a day’s worth of makeup. Literally, I can have makeup on at 5am in the morning (crazy I know), come home at 6pm and this pad will take off all the dirt, oil, gunk, smog, makeup, and whatever-else has accumulated on my face. I was literally blown away. I could even use it on my eyelids to get off all my eye-makeup as well. (Though I wouldn’t recommend doing that). However, it left a soapy residue on my face, which I deducted to be the excess formula on the pad. However, after using this on my face I would hit the shower immediately so I didn’t have to worry about having some residue on my face. In the shower, my cleanser would do the rest of the work, however, when I looked at my facial scrubby pad, there was minimal-zero traces of makeup left.

One thing that I do not like about these pads though, is the smell.  I don’t know what to attribute it to, but the smell in my opinion is just weird. One reviewer mentioned that it smelled like botanicals , so I think it might be that. However, the smell isn’t terrible or strong but I can definitely smell it when I put it on my face. It’s not a scent that is chemically smelling though. Also, after I’ve went about my business cleaning off my makeup with this pad, there would be a stinging sensation that wouldn’t go away until I put my face in the shower stream for a few seconds. I’m not sure if it’s the acne medication working on my breakouts but, the stinging is a bit weird. However, the ingredients list assures me that everything IS 98% natural so…I might just be worrying for no reason.

All in all, I really like these pads. You get 70 pads, which if you think about it, is 70 days of makeup removing (if you use it once a day of course). They’re alcohol free, contain salicylic acid and some antioxidants to give your skin a boost.

Rate: 4/5


2 thoughts on “Stridex Natural Control Pads”

  1. Very nice review. Seems a great product. I am always on the look out for good wet wipes or cleansing wipes. Wish I could get something like this in India.

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