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MIZON Snail Recovery Gel Cream


Today I wanna talk about snail cream. Yes, I know some of you may cringe at those words because it has the word ‘snail’ in it and snails are…slimy. But this is one of the latest and most popular beauty trends nowadays and a lot of people are saying great things about it. So snail cream is a cream or gel made out of snail filtrate, which is a mucus-like substance produced by snails when they need to repair tissue damage. It is a filtrate which means it is put through a filter so no harmful bacteria/anything that can harm human skin is left in the finished product. So technically it’s not really snail slime, it’s much cleaner and healthier. Snails are incredibly good at repairing damaged tissues and regenerating new ones so some genius person decided to test the effects of snail filtrate on human skin. And the results spoke for themselves. Huge cosmetic companies decided to jump on this snail cream bandwagon and one of them is MIZON, which sells the highly popular Snail Recovery Gel and Snail Recovery Cream. So I jumped online and ordered my tube because I was really excited to try this new trend out. Image

At first I was a bit hesitant about being broken out by the snail cream but decided to eff it and apply this onto my face as part of my nighttime routine. It is a gel texture but it moisturizes adequately and finishes matte. A little bit goes a very long way, I barely need a pea size amount to pat into my face. This is great because it’s not like the tube is really large so you get the best value for your money. Image

Even though it’s a gel, it’s not extremely liquid-y and runnyImage

Here is the gel swatched on my hand.Image

When rubbed into the skin.

It covered my entire hand and even part of my wrist and still there was a bit left, so I had to rub it in to get rid of the residue. This gel leaves your skin feeling very matte and almost like you put a primer on your face, as weird as that sounds. It doesn’t feel like a silky, velvety primer but a primer nonetheless. I usually use this as part of my nighttime routine but I decided to try it under my BB cream one day and was totally surprised at how matte my face looked after applying my BB cream. Usually BB creams have a dewy finish but this kept my face looking matte and shine-free.

So what does it do for the skin? Well it’s ‘certified wrinkle-care’ by the KFDA so I guess it helps take care of wrinkles and fine lines (I don’t have any so I can’t comment on that property). It contains 74% snail filtrate which is a hell of a lot for a skincare product considering most skincare products like to put less concentrations of their main ingredient. The snail filtrate helps to heal skin, calm redness and inflammation, promote collagen production and help the skin regenerate itself. This means it basically is a God-send for your skin. It literally does everything and more.

My experience with it is that it’s definitely made my complexion brighter and helped to control the shine I get from having such oily skin. I do see an improvement in my skin’s texture and pore-size and it has helped heal my skin (especially after breakouts) and in general my skin is just brighter and more even-toned.  It’s very lightweight so I recommend it for people with oily/combo skin, but it’s also hydrating so that even people with normal-dry skin types can use it. It has no scent, even though I was expecting it to have one, so anyone who hates scented skincare products will definitely like this.

I really, really love this gel cream. For me, I feel like it’s just what I’ve been looking for. My sensitive skin doesn’t react to it and it improves my skin’s health overall.


– Good for sensitive skin

– Controls excess shine and mattifies

– Moisturizes and hydrates

– A little bit goes a long way

– Inexpensive

– Makes skin brighter and actually helps to regenerate it

– Didn’t break me out!

– Non scented

Rate: 5/5


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