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Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear Moisturizer


ImageSo one of the skincare items I recently purchased was this moisturizer by Etude House. Now why this moisturizer when there are tons of other moisturizers out there, even by Etude House itself? Well, since it’s summer and extra hot and sunny in NYC (we’re now coming out of a week long heat wave) I need some extra SPF protection on my face that would not break me out. My BB Cream does contain SPF 30 but of course that wouldn’t stand up against the blazing, hot sun outside. This moisturizer luckily contains SPF 30 which is exactly what I need. Now on the packaging it says ‘whitening’ but I assure you, it doesn’t actually whiten the skin. What it does is leave a very white cast on your face.

Image It comes out as a thin, milky liquid which made me dubious about it’s sun protection claims. However after applying it, I could see that it really applied onto the skin. Image                                           Here it is swatched onto my hand.

ImageAndddddd the finish.

Would you look at that! On one side of my hand I rubbed in the moisturizer and I left the other side completely bare. I’m sure the difference is blatant enough for me not to point it out, but well, I have to. It totally turned part of my hand into a different skin color. It actually made the right side look very pink toned when in reality my skin is yellow-toned. At first the contrast was startling, especially when applied onto my face. However, since I was going to apply BB cream on top of it and then powder, everything worked out fine. But I would not recommend wearing this by itself or even at home around others unless you want to look like a ghost. I understand the finish might be less noticeable if you reallllly rub it in and stuff but uh…who has time for that when the rest of your makeup routine is awaiting?

So overall, I like this moisturizer but I only wear it when I’m going out for the day and I’m going to be wearing makeup over it. Otherwise, this would not be my daily moisturizer if I didn’t have to go out everyday.


2 thoughts on “Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear Moisturizer”

  1. Oo, thank you for this review! The Etude house moisturizer looks really interesting! I don’t think I’ll be trying this though, because it does make your skin differently coloured! ;n; (No time to blend or makeup, I’m way too lazy more often than not!)~

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    – A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

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