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The Body Shop: Mineral Powder Blotting Papers

ImageImageBlotting papers are a life-saver for an oily-skinned person like me. Two hours after cleansing and applying makeup, my face would start to look very, very ‘dewy’. Given a couple more hours, I have an oil slick going on. LOL it sounds gross to describe but it is what it is. That’s why I always carry a pack of blotting sheets with me where-ever I go. I really like the Clean and Clear oil blotting sheet because they’re superb at getting all the oil off, but even though it says it doesn’t smudge makeup, when I look at the paper after blotting…lo and behold there’s makeup on it. Welp. Can’t expect it to stay on forever. 

But these Body Shop Mineral Powder blotting papers have something that the Clean and Clear sheets don’t. Each sheet has actual mineral powder on them so when you blot, the powder absorbs the oil and you get a nice touch-up. They’re great for when you need to mattify your face in a jiffy and won’t have time to retouch the rest of your makeup. However sometimes the powder transferred onto your face looks a bit uneven so you would have to take care of that. Unless you want to be walking around with weird patches of powder on your face. But, I do think that it’s all in the way you blot it on your face, so it is preventable. The sheets also have a powdery scent…and it’s not that nice baby powder scent. It smells like makeup, more precisely like mineral powder, so that might be a turn-off for people who are sensitive to smells. 

Overall I’d give these sheets a 4/5. 



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