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MISSHA Pure Source Sheet Mask – Green Tea


I’m a sucker for anything with green tea in it, so I didn’t hesitate when trying out this mask. For starters, cotton sheet masks are a super popular and important part of a lot of Asian skincare routines. Generally women would use these masks at night after their cleansing and moisturizing routine once a week or more. There are a ton of companies that make these masks catering to different arrays of skin concerns. This green tea mask is supposed to make your skin moisturized and brighter.


 Green tea is high up on the ingredient list so you know you’re not getting jipped. There are directions written in 3 different languages and there’s a step by step instruction graphic included. So let me get into the review: After opening the package and taking out the mask I was glad to see that it was very much soaked with essence. Unlike other masks that have a plastic sheet covering one side (which you peel off and throw away) this mask was just a cotton sheet so I had to be careful to not rip the mask while opening it.

This mask has a very light and pleasant fragrance which I barely noticed because it was so light. It was a bit big so I had to adjust it to fit my face better and then I laid down so it would adhere better and do its thing. I left it on for around 30-40 minutes and when I took it off, it was completely dry. My face felt very firm and there was a huge difference from before I put the mask on to after. My face was literally glowing and looked great. However, it felt a bit sticky which I didn’t like because I was going to bed right after. I was so worried that I would break out but when I woke up everything was okay. Actually it was more than okay, my skin-tone looked so even and  my face was still glowing and bright. Despite the fact that I didn’t get much sleep last night, I didn’t have any under-eye bags and almost no dark circles. My face looked great, I haven’t seen it look this good in ages! There was still some stickiness left on it but that was taken care of during cleansing.


– Light fragrance

– Lots of essence

– Moisturizing and brightening

– Evens out skin-tone and tones down redness


– Left a sticky film after taking it off

All in all I give this mask a 4.5/5 because it was moisturizing, very brightening, firming and delivered on its claims.


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