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MAC Lipsticks Review/Swatches

ImageToday I’m going to give my two cents on these two lipsticks right here. MAC is home to an amazing collection of lipsticks and cosmetics. Among these are the two shades featured in this post, which are Russian Red and Cozy Up. Both are complete opposite shades as one is a bold red whilst the other is a subtle nude peachy color.

                                   These are the shades swatched out on my arm.

Now Russian Red is something serious; it leaves quite the stain even after most of the lipstick has rubbed off. It’s something you would want to wear if you’re going to be out all night partying. Cozy Up, on my skin, is very nude almost to the point of blending into my natural skin tone. Therefore, I don’t think this is the right shade of nude for me. However, if I layer a gloss over it, the color shows up better.


10 thoughts on “MAC Lipsticks Review/Swatches”

  1. Oohh…. have you tried the new Riri Woo? It’s supposed to be very close to Russian Red! I’ve just received mine (shipped all the way from US!), but it’s too pretty to use!!!

  2. The shade of ‘Russian Red’ is absolutely beautiful 🙂 If you are looking for an orange-red one, try M.A.C’s ‘So Chaud’. Otherwise, I’d suggest Korres 45 Coral.

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