The Body Shop: Aloe Soothing Day Cream

ImageI’m constantly on the hunt for new, better moisturizers and though I was doing fine with my previous one, I wanted to switch things up a bit. So I picked up this little jar from The Body Shop not exactly sure how it would work for my skin. As it turns out, this cream doesn’t disappoint.

Since it’s summer I didn’t want a thick cream to lather on my already oily, acne-prone skin, so this cream provides moisturisation while being light and absorbent. This aloe line is catered towards people with sensitive skin so it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. It actually helps the redness that I usually have around my nose area and it feels like velvet when I put this on after exfoliating. Yes, like velvet (Weird analogy I know).

Like the information says, it is gentle and calming, particularly because the main ingredient is aloe gel. Aloe gel is supposed to be extremely soothing and helpful to the skin, calms redness and inflammation and even helps with acne. It doesn’t contain any perfumes or fragrances, so if you’re someone who despises putting fragranced lotions/cremes on your face, this is great. I’ve been using this cream for more than a month and it hasn’t broken me out, which for me is amazing.



6 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Aloe Soothing Day Cream”

  1. I love the Aloe line. The foaming face wash is one of the few that hasn’t broken me out or irritated my sensitive skin. The Hemp Face Protector from TBS is a great winter alternative as well.

    1. The Aloe line is great for sensitive skin and it’s made with aloe gel which is great for the skin. I haven’t tried the Hemp Face Protector yet because I’m scared it’ll break me out 😡

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