Favorite Clothing Purchases of May


Hello guys, I’m finally deviating a bit from the normal skincare and beauty posts. I want to share some of the things I’ve bought non-makeup/skincare wise. Right now I’m in love with these two articles of clothing. This super-cute sundress that I purchased from Aeropostale (yes, I know…ssshh) and these Hollister jeggings that fit like a DREAM. One thing I like about Hollister sizing is that even though they go by 0s,2s,4s, etc they also size by waist and hips; so you can always be sure of what you’re buying. For example a 00 is a 23 waist and 29/30 hips so if you know your measurements then you’re good to go.   ImageI love this dress. It’s so bright and floral and is cut very prettily at the bust. Definitely one of my favorite purchases for summer. ImageThese jeggings look amazing and fit amazingly well. It’s super comfy and it doesn’t constrict.  




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