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Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Review!

For starters, I love Asian BB creams more than Westernized BB creams, and I always will. I think one of the reasons why Westernized BB creams aren’t doing it for people who use/have tried Asian BB creams, is that they lack a ton of things that Asian BBs contain and the consistency is a bit different. Pretty much the best thing (in my opinion) that Westernized BB creams have going for them is the fact that they come in various shades, which most Asian BBs do not. I however, really like L’Oreal’s Magic Skin Beautifier and if they added SPF into the formula, I would be completely head over heels. But, let’s get down to business. Image

This BB cream contains SPF 35 which is a very good thing, especially since spring and eventually summer are right around the corner. Now it claims to be a 5-in-1 ‘miracle worker’ to Prime, Hydrate, Perfect, Protect and control oil. The protection part I can get because it contains a nice dose of SPF to protect your skin from the sun. The other 4 claims are a bit far fetched however. To be honest I don’t think any makeup product that is not a Primer primer will be able to effectively prime your skin for makeup, that goes for Asian BB creams as well. But being someone who’s never used primer before foundation or BB cream (except for special occasions like weddings and parties), this claim doesn’t even matter to me on a daily basis. Perfection wise, this BB cream has a very liquid consistency, almost a bit too watery to be honest, in fact it sort of isn’t very easy to blend well when using your fingers because it’s very liquid-like and streaks. However, when you do get to blend it in and it sets, it does leave a matte finish. However, on your face it feels like a good ol’ tinted moisturizer, NOT a BB cream. 
Here we have a bit dotted on my arm.


A swatch shows that it looks shiny, but there is no gray cast.
 When it is blended in it looks almost invisible.

Now, the coverage of this BB cream is light, as in it has the consistency of a tinted moisturizer and not of a BB cream. Actually, one can already tell it would be like a tinted moisturizer because on the description it says “this revolutionary tinted formula…” Now what else would that remind you of? On top of that, it smells like SPF 100 sunscreen on your face, meaning it smells too strong for my liking. There’s no other fragrance that I can detect in this BB cream that doesn’t smell like sunscreen. So if you’re someone who is sensitive to smells, beware. Now it claims to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 4 weeks but how? In order for that claim to be true, there has to be a generous amount of anti-ageing ingredients in the formula. Upon scanning the list of ingredients there just seemed to be a ton of chemicals, some plants and fruit extracts, caffeine and…urea. Now, the skin and nail benefits of urea all sound well and good, butttttttt do you know where urea comes from? URINE.  Urea is dissolved in the blood and excreted as a component of urine, where it gets its name from. Do you know what else urea is used in? Pesticides, fertilizer, flavors for cigarettes and so much more.  I don’t know about you but I for one, am not a fan of putting urea on my face, regardless of the benefits. I guarantee you I can find another product that does the same, but does not contain urea. Also, the ingredient list is incredibly long when compared to Missha Perfect Cover’s list, Skin79’s  list of ingredients and L’Oreal’s, two of which are Asian BB creams.

Let’s list it out:


– SPF 35

– Might help with anti-ageing because it has SPF 35 in it

– Light coverage, if that’s what you’re looking for, however it doesn’t feel lightweight when applied to the face

– Evens skin tone

– Doesn’t look cakey when applied


– Feels watery when applying

–  Light coverage in case you want medium-full coverage

– Kind of hard to blend because of the consistency

– Smells like too much sunscreen

– Has that tinted moisturizer feel when on face

– Doesn’t really control oil

– Contains urea. >.>

In short, I would not purchase this BB cream in the full size at all.

Rate: 2/5

Has anyone tried this ‘BB’ cream before? What are your thoughts?


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