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MAC Studio Fix Powder Review

I’ve got to say that this is the only powder that has touched my face for the past couple of years. To me, it’s THAT good. I can’t get over how amazing the coverage and feel of this pressed powder is. I know a lot of people are into mineral powders and stuff but for me this pressed powder is fantastic! I apologize in advance for the look of the compact, it’s been through some rough times haha. I have a medium olive skin tone and so my shade is a NC 35. What I like about MAC Cosmetics is that they carry tons of shades for warm AND cool skin tones. My skin tone is warm which is why I’m a NC instead of an NW. Apparently, NC means Not Cool and NW means Not Warm.

This powder has incredible staying power, it doesn’t melt or smudge or look cakey at all. On some days, if I’m having a really good skin day and only need to run a quick errand, this powder is all I need. What I also like is that the coverage is buildable and you put as much as you want if you blend it in properly. Also, one compact has lasted me for more than a year and I’ve used it on a daily/regular basis. So even though it may seem pricey, you definitely get your money’s worth.
Like all MAC Cosmetics, the studio fix has a sleek black design and is quite minimalistic and to the point. Nothing flashy and pretty but it gets the job done.

Here are the pros and cons summarized:

– Great coverage
– Easy to blend and apply
– Long staying power
– Lots of shades
– Doesn’t look cakey
– Is non-comedogenic (doesn’t break you out)
– Buildable coverage
– Lasts for a very long time
– Compact is durable, doesn’t break easily.

– Can be considered pricey (however, you get your money’s worth!)

Where you can buy: The MAC counter in Macy’s, the MAC store anywhere and the website. I’m sure there are a lot of other retailers that sell it but these are a few popular ones.

Has anyone tried this powder before or any other MAC powder? Let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “MAC Studio Fix Powder Review”

  1. I feel a bit torn about this product. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and immediately fell in love. The coverage was great, beautiful and it was easy to apply. I loved how quick it was and I could cut out one step in the morning.

    But by the end of the day, my face looks shiny and oily. Not sure if that is my skin and this product is just too heavy for me? The thing is, my skin is never oily normally and I’ve never glossed up using my standard foundation with a powder on top.

    I think I need to take it back and talk to someone there, possibly even return it. 😦 Makes me sad because I love the way it looks when I first put it on.

    Do you have any thoughts for me? I’ve been using a face primer before application and everything.

    1. Hmm, maybe it could be a change in your cleansing or moisturizing routine? It could be that since the weather is getting colder your skin is feeling dry and is overproducing sebum to make up for it. I’ve never had any problems of being oily due to this powder however, for me it goes on very matte and sets my makeup very well. If you get shiny by the end of the day, you can use a mattifying primer or oil absorbing sheets πŸ™‚ My best advice is to use another powder one day and check to see if you’re still oily at the end of the day; that’s when you’ll know whether it’s the MAC powder or not!

  2. Nordstrom also sells MAC. By the way, thanks for the info about NC vs. NW- I’ve used MAC for nearly ten years and didn’t know that! I definitely agree with you about MAC’s value. It seems some girls want to use cheap products to save money, but the end result, as well as how often they have to replace products, means that it’s not bargain beauty.

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