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DIY Sandalwood Paste Mask!

Hello guys! I’m finally back. The stress of midterms and everything in between was ridiculous to handle but all of that is finally over. (In 2 weeks I’ll have finals! D:) And the stress of everything…has caused me to breakout. -Looks up at the heavens in anguish-  BUT, I’ve gotten onto a new herbal skincare remedy: using sandalwood and/or turmeric on your face to achieve flawless glowing skin. Sandalwood has long been used as an ancient skincare remedy on the Indian subcontinent. Actually, it’s part of a recipe that brides use before their wedding all over their body to give them fantastic skin for their wedding day, and night. Sandalwood or chandan, has anti-septic properties, anti-inflammatory properties, soothing, cooling and lightening properties when used on the skin. It also helps to lighten acne scars and works even better when used in conjunction with turmeric or almonds. Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? Why haven’t I gotten into this sooner? A good friend of mine started using turmeric face masks to help treat her skin woes and reported back to me the amazing results. Curious, I set out to do some research and found/heard a ton of good stuff about sandalwood and turmeric. Turmeric is a lot like sandalwood (they’re both ‘spices’, turmeric is part of the ginger family and known for its coloring properties and sandalwood is a class of fragrant woods, known for its fragrant properties) but turmeric also contains the anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, acne healing, skin tone evening, lightening properties of sandalwood. Now you can either do turmeric face masks or sandalwood face masks or you could combine both together to get a double whammy skin goodness effect. Now here’s how to:

Step 1. Acquire sandalwood powder. If there aren’t any stores nearby that sell sandalwood powder, try Amazon or any online merchant that sells pure, authentic sandalwood powder.

Step 2. Take about a teaspoon of the powder and put it in a bowl.

Step 3. You can make the paste by adding either water, rosewater, glycerin, almond milk or regular milk. It has to be a liquid though so the powder will become a paste. I use regular milk that you get at your local supermarket. I also have almond milk which I’d like to try as well.

Step 4. Mix an equal part of your liquid of choice into the bowl to make the paste. Mix well. *In my experience, the milk doesn’t take to the sandalwood powder too well so you should mix until they’re relatively uniform.

Step 5. Once you’ve got a nice paste going on, apply it to your face. It dries quickly but you should leave it on for about 30 minutes. Some people say to leave it on for longer, some for less, you can do whatever you feel like. If you have sensitive skin, you shouldn’t go over 30 minutes. Since it is sandalwood, it will smell like sandalwood the scent, however, isn’t very strong so it should be fine.

Step 6. Wash and pat your face dry. You might notice that your face has a yellowish tinge, don’t be alarmed! It’s the hue from the sandalwood and it will fade away soon.

Step 7. Continue on with your regular skincare routine.

You can apply this mask 3 times a week for optimal results; however, once a week works just as fine too. This mask is very versatile, you can play around with several different ingredients to amp up the outcome. For instance, you can add lemon juice, honey, chickpea flour, tomato pulp, almonds, cucumber or turmeric, as long as you get a pretty even consistency. What I do is the basic sandalwood mask and for me it works very well.

Results: After washing this mask off, my face looked noticeably brighter and more even toned. As for the yellowish tinge, I didn’t notice any probably because I used my Sephora cleansing pad to buff the mask away with some cleanser or because I have yellow-toned skin and so…couldn’t really tell. When the mask dried, it stiffened much like an egg mask does and it felt like it was firming my face. My face does feel firmer after use and the usual oiliness that’s apparent after an hour withing washing my face, is not there. My face feels really smooth as well and looks smooth and clear; but I think the best effect this mask has had on my face is evening out my skin-tone and making my face glow.

Has any one tried sandalwood or turmeric masks before? Tell me what you think!


8 thoughts on “DIY Sandalwood Paste Mask!”

      1. The only thing is *where* to find Sandalwood. I’ll be keeping my eye out. Also, I recently bought a vitamin C + turmeric serum so I’ll let you know how I like it.

  1. Hi, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award because I think you deserve a little something for making your blog always look fab! To share this little bit of blogging kindness: 1. Display the award image on your blog. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State 7 things about yourself. 4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to their sites. 5. Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post. Thank you for all your great posts and congratulations!

  2. yeah i have been using sandalwood paste for months now … I started worrying about my growing acne and scars last year when my mom came to the rescue and told me about the beautiful effects of sandal wood…but this is the first time I’m hearing about turmeric and sandalwood paste!!1..sounds great though I will give it a try…BTW i was wondering… do i know you??…because the timings of your exams kinda matches mine ..i know sounds a bit weird but i was just wondering…. 🙂 ..thanks for helping me out..have my graduation in a couple of days 🙂

    1. Let me know how the turmeric and sandalwood paste mask goes for you. And LOL I don’t know do you go to college in America ? If so a lot of colleges have midterms and finals around the same time.

  3. Hi. I’ve had acne since I was in high school. I tried almost everything to get my skin to clear up but nothing worked except when I went on on Diane ( birth control pills)My skin would clear and just one or two pimples. Now that I’ve gone off the pill the acne is back! My cousin was experiencing the same problem until someone recommend Turmeric oil, Vitamin C and Turmeric oil cream. I’ve been using these 3 for the past week and honestly I have to say it’s been helping a lot with the breakouts. I’m also doing the sandalwood and rose water mask 3 times a week. What an amazing difference. Skin tone is even and the pimples have dried up. I highly recommend this to people suffering with acne.

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