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L’OREAL Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream First Impression Review!

Ever since I heard that drugstore brands were coming out with what they called ‘BB Cream’ I was a bit curious. If they could replicate the wonders that Asian BB creams did for your skin, it would have been a hit. But, when the products hit the stores and I read the reviews of many, they seemed to be a dupe. Not like BB cream and more like tinted moisturizer. But since I got my hands on a sample from a magazine, I thought, why not try it. So, me being stuck at home because of the weather conditions, decided to play around with this BB cream. What I discovered was something totally unexpected.

When I dotted this BB cream on my face and started to blend, it felt like silk on my fingertips. The texture and consistency was beyond amazing and left a great finish. It was so easy to blend because it literally, felt like silk. And afterwards I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on my face because of how lightweight this BB cream felt. What a complete shocker, I put it on expecting it to be some oily tinted moisturizer and it turned out to be the complete opposite. It left a matte finish that seemed to control oil and I was blown away. The BB cream states that it can smooth your skin’s texture, even out complexion, hydrate, and hide imperfections. And it actually did every single one. For a drugstore product, and even a beauty product in general, it’s hard for them to live up to their claim. The coverage of this BB cream was also something I was very surprised at. I expected the coverage to be very light and translucent but it turned out that it gave about a light medium/medium coverage instead.

This BB cream also comes in 4 different shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. One of the reasons why Americanized BB creams blew up in North America is because of the variety of shades that they came in. As we all know, Asian BB creams come in very select shades and are yellow or gray toned. Aside from a few brands like Missha and Etude House that carry more shades, it can be difficult for women who have pink undertones and/or are darker than a NC/NW 40 to find their perfect shades. This BB cream comes in 4 shades, which is probably 2 shades more than most Asian BB creams.

 What I found interesting about this BB cream was that it’s color is white, but when you blend it in on your face it sort of adjusts to its supposed color. 

 When swatched lightly, you can see some of the actual ‘color’ start to set in. 
 And when completely blended, it left a natural finish.

However, just because it’s not a tinted moisturizer doesn’t mean it’s a BB cream yet! Yes, it primes, corrects, hydrates and covers blemishes, but…where is the SPF? The one and only thing that turned me off about this BB cream is that there was no SPF in it. Everything else was perfect, the coverage, the oil control, the feel and texture and durability but alas there was no SPF. Not even a smidgen of SPF 15 😦 I don’t mind wearing a moisturizer that contains a SPF in it, but they tend to break me out and just aren’t as good as some moisturizers that do not contain SPF.

Which is why I wouldn’t wear this BB cream as an everyday go-to. For nights, it would be perfect, especially if you’re taking pictures and such. But, when it comes to going out in the sun, I’ll stick to my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream with SPF 42 PA+++.


– Medium coverage; your natural skin still shows

-Controls oil and mattifies

-Smooths the skin and feels like silk

-Very lightweight and breathable

-Doesn’t dry out your skin

-Comes in different shades



-Doesn’t ‘brighten’ like Asian BBs

-At $16, you can add 4 more dollars and buy an Etude House, Holika Holika or Skinfood BB which do a whole lot more for your skin

But, I really like this BB cream and I would purchase a full size if I were out of my go-to BB cream.

Rate: 4/5


9 thoughts on “L’OREAL Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream First Impression Review!”

  1. Finally found a proper article with further & honest details about BB cream. I’ve been debating on whether I should purchase the product since I knew so little about it.
    Great post love!

    Zena xoxo

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