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Missha Under-Eye Brightener (Concealer)

Since I’ve been stuck at home for the past 5 days due to the lovely, hurricane called Sandy, that wrecked and debilitated half of my city, what better time than to tell you guys about my favorite concealer. It’s the Missha Under-Eye Brightener, which is just another way for saying concealer, in Natural Beige. At first I used this only on my under eyes to cover up my dark circles but then soon realized it can be used to cover up any other imperfections and blemishes. It’s perfect for the under eyes area because it really does make your under eye area look tons brighter. If you need to look like you woke up singing about rainbows and sunshine then this right here will do the trick. It can be used on top of the brows and just underneath it to give it a pop. It works exactly like a highlighter except it’s a concealer as well.

As for the concealing purposes, it covers up blemishes very easily. A little bit goes a very, very long way. You need to barely dot a bit on and it will cover up your blemishes. A mistake I often make is to put a tad bit much on and therefore, have to keep blending it in for longer than necessary.

As for the smell, it smells quite pleasant if you care about how your concealer smells. Haha. The texture isn’t too cakey or too runny, it’s a perfect in between. It’s very easy to blend and easy to spread. When it is blended in you can’t tell that it’s there or that your blemish is there as well.

It also covers red blemishes as well without needing a green neutralizer to help conceal the redness. It’s also sold at a great price, I think I got it on sale on the Missha website for about $5. Yes. $5. It also hasn’t broken me out since I’ve been using it so I think it’s safe to say that it is non comedogenic.

-Great coverage
-Nice texture, easy to blend
-A little goes a long way
-Comes in a wand form so you don’t have to touch the product
-Hasn’t broken me out at all
-Great for yellow toned individuals

-Only comes in 2 shades

Overall I’d give this concealer a 4.5/5 and I would definitely repurchase.


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