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NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer First Impression!

For starters, I should say that I’m not a very big fan of tinted moisturizers. Most of them leave my already oily skin, looking and feeling greasy. But, it doesn’t hurt to try a new product once in a while. The sample I had received was in the shade of Alaska Light (2). The very name brought a look of horror to my face. However, as I gingerly opened the packet and peered at the color, I figured it can’t be too bad. So I set to applying it to my face by dotting it around the middle of my face and blending outward.

The tinted moisturizer was very easy to blend and really lightweight so it didn’t leave my face feeling greasy at all. But with lightweight also comes…sheerness. This tinted moisturizer is incredibly sheer, so sheer that I didn’t like it. Because it also contains SPF 30, it left a visible white cast on my face for a few minutes.

But back to the sheerness, I like natural makeup and am not a big fan of foundations, which is why I always use my trusty BB cream. However, I do want some coverage, it doesn’t have to be ample but a little bit is good. Perhaps this tinted moisturizer is best for people who already have very clear skin and no dark marks or scars and just need to even out the skin tone. But, if you have some discoloration due to acne marks, or present acne or very uneven skin tone, this is not for you. The tinted moisturizer will help to even out the skin tone to a degree but it will not cover up pimple redness or any of the above mentioned.

But there’s no fault in that, because as the name proclaims, it’s only a tinted moisturizer. It will not do the job of a foundation or BB cream and so, one should not expect it to.

SPF 30 (But not sweat or waterproof)
Oil Free and Non-comedogenic
Fragrance Free and Dermatologist Tested
Easy to blend
Very hydrating

Very little coverage
Whiteish cast after applying

Looking at it the pros outweigh the cons, however as for me, I will not be purchasing a full size.


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