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Missha Speedy Anti-Trouble Patch Review

These patches live up to their name; speedy solution? You betcha. These patches solve so many problems when it comes to healing a pimple AND  they work 10x better than your regular salicyclic acid and benzoyl peroxide spot treatments. I think they’re such an ingenious solution to clearing up pimples. The back of the package is completely in Korean so if you don’t read Korean, you’ll have little luck deciphering the information. However, the it does have a step by step procedure with pictures, that show you how to apply the patch. Pretty simple though. You peel off the patch from the sheet and put it on the pimple, making sure to cover the entire pimple.

Here is what the patches look like: 

What I like about them is that they come in different sizes, from small to large. I’ve used up all of the smalls already because my pimples don’t get very large, however the bigger ones are good for covering the pimple and the surrounding area so it’s totally eradicated. When the patch is on the pimple, you can touch it as much as you want but the bacteria from your finger will not be transferred to the pimple. I know a lot of people like to fidget with their breakouts and keep touching them, but that also makes the breakout worse and last longer because you’re adding more bacteria to the pimple. However, these patches prevent that so poke away! Of course you shouldn’t poke too much because that would also inflame the pimple . 🙂 Also, these patches are clear so when you put it on your face it’s hard to tell that they’re there unless you turn in a specific way and it reflects the light. Another thing is that they’re super adhesive so you can put it on after you put on your moisturizers/creams and it will stay on for hours, even if you get oily too. I put mine on after shower or at bedtime and they stay on until the next morning until I peel it off. I’m sure they can go for more longer if you kept it on though.

Now onto the better stuff: these patches contain salicylic acid and tea tree oil so that’s like a double whammy to the pimple, haha. It stays on for 9+ hours or more, so that means the pimple gets the full treatment of the patch, of course the longer you leave it on for, the better the results.

The best thing about these patches though, are that they WORK. I had, keyword here is had, a pimple on my forehead that looked like Mount Everest. I put one of these badboys on at night and went to bed. 10 hours later when I woke up, the patch was still intact and when I peeled it off the pimple was barely there. Almost totally gone. From being really bumpy and big to a tiny little bump.

Needless to say, I’m totally sold on these patches. Not to mention, they cost less than $2.

Rate: 5/5



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