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MAC Eyeshadow Review


This shadow here is a very unique color. It leans to the pumpkin side but somehow reminds me of red sands/bricks you would find in something like Aladdin or a color such as saffron. It has a very Eastern look/feel to it. I’ve been reduced to analyzing the looks of eyeshadows; LOL what has my life come to? This color is called RULE and it’s a matte color, so no shimmers or anything here. I personally prefer shimmery eyeshadows because they tend to show up brighter and better if you wear glasses and such.

What a pretty, pure color!

Here’s a swatch on my arm: 

It’s very pigmented and subtle enough to wear on a daily basis. If blended properly it can create a perfect nude/natural eye, which is great during the day. If you’re trying to go for a night look, you should probably reach for the shimmery shadows.

Rate: 4.5/5




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