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Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow Duo Review


Here’s another compact palette review, following the Clinique’s Color Surge trio review, that I wanted to share with you guys. Now, Estee Lauder in my opinion is more about skincare than makeup. Their skincare line and products are nothing short of amazing but their makeup line falls a bit short, in my opinion. 

The packaging is very compact and minimalistic so no problems here. The colors listed from Left to Right are: 10 Ivory Slipper SATIN, 35 Hot Cinnamon SHIMMER, 06 Clouds (Duo).

The Hot Cinnamon shadow reminds me of the Clinique’s Rum Spice shadow a bit but the Hot Cinnamon shadow is way under-pigmented in my opinion. Here are the shadows swatched on my arm. 

From Bottom to Top are: 10 Ivory Slipper SATIN, 35 Hot Cinnamon SHIMMER, 06 Clouds (duo).

I only had to swatch Ivory Slipper and the Clouds duo once or twice but for Hot Cinnamon, it took about 10 swipes to get a little pigment going. The other 3 colors apply very easily with a brush or finger but Hot Cinnamon fails to show up. If you’re using a brush and trying to apply it, forget it, you might as well not be wearing any eyeshadow. LOL. I might coming off as sounding a bit too harsh here but this is my honest review of this product.

Earlier before, I said that Estee Lauder falls a bit short with their makeup and the reasons why I believe so are because the makeup products that I’ve tried from Estee Lauder didn’t live up to my expectations. Their skincare line is amazing, hands down. But for their makeup, such as their lipsticks/glosses and shadows, I suggest you go for another brand.

Rate: 3.8/5


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