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The Body Shop: Tea Tree Toner UPDATE

So after purchasing this toner and making a First Impressions post about it, I told you all that I would continue to use it and see if it actually did anything. Now my first impression of this toner was anything but impressive. It burned and stung my face like no other. But I still stuck with it to see if it would do any good. Here’s how it went: The stinging sensation is not as strong as the first couple of times that I’ve used it. It still burns a tiny bit when I use it but it’s not to the point where I feel like I have to wash my face again. I’ve used quite a bit of this toner, I’ve managed to finish about an inch worth of product in just 2 weeks. LOL. I use it daily, twice a day and in my opinion, I think if you’re using a cotton ball with this product then more of it gets absorbed and wasted. When I purchased this toner my skin was finally beginning to recover from a terrible, testy summer of skin problems. Using this toner actually helped to get rid of every single breakout on my face as well as prevent new ones from forming. Yup. If I feel or see a bump coming on, I dab some of this toner on, and the next day it’s gone. It dries fast so you don’t have to fan your face with your hands while waiting to apply your moisturizer and makeup. However, the cap is very hard to open. It has a pop up cap and usually most pop up caps are easy to pop open but this cap is very hard to open and I have to dig my nail into the groove to pull it up, and end up chipping my nail polish. LOL. The one thing this doesn’t seem to do for me is mattifying my face. I still get shiny and oily during the day, even when using the toner twice a day. I don’t think any skincare or beauty product could ever keep your face from producing oil because well, your skin needs to produce natural oils to maintain elasticity and such. For some of us, our sebaceous glands on our face just produce more than the normal amount and so we have ‘oily’ skin. Not to worry though, I’ve got my Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Sheets, which does the job just right.

The rundown:

Smell – Very strong 3/5

Packaging – I hate the cap! 2/5

Mattifying abilities – 2/5

Skin clearing/breakout preventing abilities – 5/5


While I don’t mind the smell or lack of mattifying abilities, the cap is definitely not use friendly. However, as for what it has done for my skin, I 100% satisfied.


4 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Tea Tree Toner UPDATE”

  1. This sounds great. I’ve had quite a few breakouts lately too so I bought Superdrug’s own brand of tea tree toner earlier this week. I’ve not noticed any difference so far but I’ll keep my fingers crossed… If I see no change in a couple of weeks I may have to get this one! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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