The Body Shop: Vitamin E Moisture Cream First Impressions Review

Following my recent trip to The Body Shop, I picked up this lovely jar of moisturizer for the first time. I’ve never used anything from the Vitamin E line because I wasn’t into intense hydration because I have oily skin. But, I decided to give this a try. This Vitamin E Moisture Cream is also happens to be one of The Body Shop’s bestsellers as well.

This product is  lightweight yet has the intense hydration of a cream. Now the texture isn’t runny or light, it feels like a cream and should of course act like a cream as well. But it has that lightness to it when applied to your face. LOL. You really have to try it to understand what I’m talking about. It smells like Johnson’s baby lotion to me but it’s a very pleasant smell so I don’t mind. Now, I’ve only been using this cream for one day. Yup, once in the morning and once at night. And I was already complimented on how great my skin looked. (After having a terrible skin summer, my skin is looking far from the usual.)  To which, I was like…o.O because my routine hasn’t changed at all, with the exception of the Tea Tree Toner and this cream. But even I had noticed a difference as well; after applying this cream my face looked tons healthier and more radiant. I’m attributing this to the very moisturizing property of this cream because I never put hydrating creams on my face because with oily skin who needed more moisturization? Turns out, I was wrong. Lots and lots of moisturization is great. My skin looked and felt so healthy and so much better than when I was using very light moisturizers. A little bit really goes a long way, you just need to dot a small amount on your forehead, cheeks and chin and rub. So don’t get thrown off by the size of the jar. This cream is very good for day or night, it’s light enough for day and intense enough for night. It hydrates superbly, and leaves skin feeling soft and looking healthy. Whatever they put into this cream is doing wonders for my skin and I have no objections. 😀 In terms of oil control, I had no expectations because it is a very hydrating cream, so I did get a bit shiny.

So far, I will definitely continue using this cream and will update on how my skin is reacting to it.


4 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Vitamin E Moisture Cream First Impressions Review”

  1. I’ve used this same cream! It was during a period in my life when my skin was really oily. And actually, my skin didn’t take to it too well. It made it quite oily and I just kept breaking out. Of course, I was also staying in a very hot tropical and humid place at the time. So environment also plays a role. But do keep us updated on how the cream works for your skin. Also, just like you, I am not big into make up as I am into skincare! So hello fellow skin care fanatic =)

    1. Hello! Yes Im so much more into skincare than makeup because I believe your skin is what matters even though you can cover it up and conceal with makeup, at the end of the day the face you’re staring at in the mirror is yours so why not take care of it? Lol I will definitely keep you updated on this cream though!

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