Items on my Wish List!

I’ve been seeing a lot of Wish List posts going around lately and I thought why not? Christmas is in 4 months, which may seem far away, but really, when holiday season approaches I suddenly don’t know what I want. So why not generate a wish list right now so I could remember these things for the future? 😀

1st Item: 

Asos Glitter Base Watch. $51.09

I find the Union Jack face actually very appealing as it gives the watch some sort of personality rather than having a plain white face or something of that sort. I love the masculine look of it as well with the gold links.

2nd Item: 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch. $175

Yup, I’ve got a thing for watches. I think they’re the perfect accessory to any outfit and since bracelets and bangles sometimes are too big, a watch always fits. I love Marc Jacobs, I really do, this design is so classy and straight to the point. Black leather strap with the gold round face and accents.

3rd Item: 

Zara Trench Coat. $59

I’ve been eyeing this trench for quite a while now; I just really like how it looks! AND it looks like it would fit my petite frame as well.

4th Item:

Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum

Recently, I went fragrance hunting because I am a fragrance fiend LOL. I thought I wanted Lady Gaga’s Fame, but in my opinion it was an okay perfume, nothing too special. Now…this right here is my scent. I’ve finally found my perfect scent and its Burberry Brit. 2 spritzes lasted me ALL day and night, I even took a shower and some of the fragrance still lingered. It’s not overpowering but it lasts for a very long time, the dry-down is amazing and it smells so freaking good!

Victoria Secret Pea Coat in Deep Camel. $128

I’ve been looking for a camel peacoat for such a long time it’s a wonder I haven’t gotten one yet. Aside from my Northface, (it does get really cold where I’m from) peacoats are all I wear during the winter. Walk outside with something thinner and prepare to freeze your butt off. However, since it’s still summer it would be sort of impractical to buy it now. But since winter will be approaching shortly, I’m definitely going to get this.


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