Clearasil Oil-Free Daily Face Wash Review


This product has been a staple in my cleansing routine for a couple years now. I honestly haven’t found a cleanser that was really good at removing all the makeup, oil, sweat, dirt, smog or whatever is on my face by the end of the day. This entire summer my skin has been REALLY testy. And recently I started using a facial soap and started breaking out like crazy. So I decided to switch back to my original cleanser and viola, the breakouts cleared up. 

This cleanser is non-drying so I don’t have to worry about my skin feeling tight and dry after using this. It foams into a nice lather and it also smells pleasant. A tube of this lasts for months and you really get your moneys worth. It leaves my skin feeling clean and it even removes my makeup too. I know a lot of people use make-up removing wipes to remove their make-up because their cleanser can’t remove their make-up. However, this cleanser removes all my make-up and I know that because my toner doesn’t pick up any residue left.  Nevertheless,  it’s also gentle enough to use everyday, twice a day. It contains salicylic acid 2% and that definitely helps a lot in controlling breakouts. No other cleanser has controlled my breakouts like this one so I’m sticking with this.


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