Don’t you just love the feeling of opening up a package and seeing all the stuff that came? Especially from a brand you really like too. Well, my MISSHA package came in the mail yesterday and I’m so excited to test everything out and review them. The styrofoam thingies were pink, which I thought was cute. ^.^. LOL.

MISSHA was having a sale and what would have costed me around $90+ ended up being a great deal cheaper.

I got 3 Pure Source Sheet Masks in Honey and Green Tea. I’ve heard good things about these masks so I can’t wait to try them out.

I also got the Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch which has salicylic acid and tea tree oil in it, to help shrink and diminish pimples. And MISA sample that MISSHA threw in.

The Black Ghassoul Pore Tightening Mask was definitely something I wanted to try. It’s like your regular clay mask except it tightens pores, cools your skin and leaves your skin feeling soft.

Stocked up on some oil blotting sheets because you never know when you’re going to run out!

I also got the Under Eye Brightener in Natural Beige #23. I need a new concealer so this might be promising.

And lastly, the MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream (Which I LOVE) in No. 31. First time users will get a free gift which was the MISSHA Boomer. I really want to try the BB Boomer and see if it actually enhances the effect of the BB Cream. It’s supposed to act as a primer and luminizer while brightening and wrinkle-repairing.

So that was my MISSHA haul; I love the MISSHA brand because they really do make quality products.  I’m super excited to try all these products and share my thoughts on them!


6 thoughts on “MISSHA Haul!!”

  1. so nice!! I love unboxing my package! The most exciting thing ever. hahaha. I always wanted to try the under eye brightener but never had the chance to get it. Must do this one day. Btw, where they purchased this? I don’t think you’ve written it here, unless I’m going absolutely blind. LOL. Great haul you got there!

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