Most Worn Summer Things!

Since summer is winding down I thought I’d do a post on my Most Worn Summer Things. It’s a tag going around on Youtube, but who’s to say you can’t do it on WordPress? xD So, let’s get started:

The Tag:
1) Most worn nail polishI love Wet N Wild’s Megalast nail polish, it’s really affordable and it has a bigger brush so it’s so much easier to paint your nails. And I LOVE this color.
2) Most worn scent

No surprise here, I love the scent of Viva La Juicy.
3) Most worn hair productIf you’ve read my review of this product right here, you would know I love this serum to death. It’s the only thing that actually helps my hair.

4) Most worn bagSeriously, I’ve worn this bag so much this summer that I think people think I only have one bag in my closet haha. It’s always my go-to bag because it’s cross-body and it’s not too big or too small; so it’s perfect when I want to head out during the day.
5) Most worn shoesMy foldable City Flats are definitely the most worn shoes this summer. They’re portable so they can fit into your bag and they’re super comfy as well. They’ve definitely replaced like all my other shoes for this summer LOL.
6) Most worn accessoryMy go-to earrings; I’m always reaching for these every time I have to go somewhere. I love how they’re small enough to not bother me and big enough to not be hidden by my hair.
7) Most worn clothing itemThis shrug is probably one of the most worn/recycled pieces in my wardrobe this summer; it’s easy to throw on when I’m headed out, daytime or nighttime and it can basically go with anything I wear.
8) Most worn foundationI haven’t touched my foundation at all since I got my BB cream. Seriously, who needs foundation when you’ve got this?
9) Most worn blush/bronzerI’ve lately become a fan of creme blushes, they’re super easy to apply and they last quite a while. Of course when I’m not wearing blush I’m wearing VS’s bronzer in Glitterati.
10) Most worn lip productToo easy; I loveee my Carmex and my EOS. I only wear lipstick when I’m going out; so all the other times I’m just chilling at home it’s Carmex or EOS for me.
11) Most worn mascara. LOL. Fact: I don’t wear mascara at all.
12) Most worn eyeshadowI adore this MAC eye-shadow so much that I’ve already hit pan, this is perfect as a highlighter or if you want a nice shimmer along your lids.

And that was all of my Most Worn Summer Things! I tag you all to post yours as well 🙂


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