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MISSHA Perfect Cover B.B Cream Review!

I’ve finally gotten around to doing this review and I’m really excited to share my thoughts on this product with you guys. I also apologize in advance for this very long post; but I just have to rave about it.  So, this was my 2nd ever BB cream, after Skin79’s Intense Classic Balm. Usually BB Creams are either a hit or miss, the Skin79 BB was a miss, but this is a definite hit! I first debated on whether I should get No. 23 or No. 27. In my opinion, I thought No. 27 looked a bit too dark for me, but hey what do you know? It matched very well to my skin-tone. No. 23 is definitely more on the grey-ish side, which is a big no-no for olive-toned, yellow under-toned individuals like myself. So I decided to pick No. 27 because  it was more yellow toned and I’d rather my face look a shade darker than my skin than 5 shades lighter. As it turns out though, No. 27 matched very well with my skin, I’m a MAC NC-35. I think anyone in the NC30s range can pull this BB cream off. It oxidizes very well to match your skin-tone. It also comes in a neat little tube with a pump so it’s easier to get the product out. So let’s get down to the details. This BB Cream boasts UV Blocking SPF 42 PA+++ (Maximum protection), whitening properties, anti-wrinkling properties, the ability to heal blemishes and lightening properties. The sun, though I may love it, is my enemy. I’ve got such an uneven tan going on, especially during summer time, and as a result my face is actually about 2-3 shades darker than the rest of my body. Needless to say, I sort of, kind of, really need the lightening properties. After taking it off, my complexion looks brighter and more even-toned. I think it’s actually started to fade some of my blemish spots as well. It’s very easy to blend and lightweight whilst giving you the coverage you need.

Here are 3 swatches of Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream and Skin79’s Intense Classic Balm, respectively. Notice the extremely grey almost white cast of the Skin79 BB and the pink cast of the Maybelline foundation. 

Here’s a tiny drop on  my arm. (Please excuse my translucent skin and veins. LOL.) 

Swatched out. Now, the color may look too dark for my skin-tone, however when blended in, it oxidizes and matches my skin perfectly. 

What I LOVE about this BB cream is how flawless it makes your skin look. The coverage is build-able so you can make it as light as you want or more. And the best part about this BB is that it. stays. on. forever. LOL.  Also, I find that this BB cream does control my oiliness, which no product has ever been able to do before. I don’t have to blot as much, and when I do, it’s nothing near the oiliness I would normally have. I literally was running around the city in 90 degree weather while the sun was BLAZING down and sweating like there was no tomorrow, yet this BB cream stayed on. I would say I put this BB on around 9 o clock in the morning, came home around 3pm and it looked like I had just put it on.  Then, I took a quick shower, without taking off my makeup because I needed to go somewhere else and didn’t want to re-apply again. After my shower, I glanced in the mirror and to my surprise, this BB cream STILL was intact. All I needed to do was powder a little and dash out. No re-application needed. The other day, I stepped out of my house (wearing just this BB cream…and clothes too) and halfway down the block, I realized I forgot to powder…and all I had on me were oil blotting sheets and lipstick. So, you could imagine my surprise when I came home, 6 hours later and my face looked…incredible. (No intentional bragging here!)

There are a ton of great ingredients in this BB Cream as well, such as: Arbutin, Jojoba seed oil, Rose (briar) seed oil, Caviar extract, Algae extract, and so many more plant extracts! One big concern for me though, was that this BB contains mineral oil. And for someone with oily acne-prone skin, mineral oil is the last thing I want to be putting on my skin. However, I’ve been using it for quite a while and surprisingly, no breakouts! I love this BB cream, there are so many pros and for me, no cons. What some people find a bit off-putting about this BB is it’s smell. It’s either you love the smell or you hate it. To be honest, when I first smelled it, I immediately thought of Fair and Lovely. LOL. I’ve never used Fair and Lovely, but I know what it smells like and the scent is unmistakable. It smells a bit like Johnson’s baby lotion as well. So, a mixture of Fair and Lovely and baby lotion; yay. However, it’s not an unpleasant smell at all. After putting it on after my moisturizer, the scent fades very quickly. My moisturizer is fragrance free but somehow manages to cancel out the BB Cream’s scent. To be honest, I could care less about the scent; I care more about what this BB cream does for my skin. After raving about how great this BB cream was, I convinced both my aunt and my best friend to purchase it as well. 😀


11 thoughts on “MISSHA Perfect Cover B.B Cream Review!”

  1. Hey! Great review. I am very surprised to see this shade from Missha since the ones I’ve tried (although samples only) had a more greyish undertones like you mentioned here. This one is certainly different. Actually now that you mentioned about Skin79, have you tried the latest released ones?

      1. I feel the same,too! That’s why before I would try samples – like purchase them since it’s not much of a lose if it doesn’t suit you. I should be doing some swatches soon, the Vital BB cream is rather nice for the new Skin79, I’ll give you a heads up once it’s posted. 🙂

  2. Hello! What a great review! I’ve got my MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream no. 13 just recently and now I understand all thous girls who love it, cause now I’ve became one of them! no breakouts, great oil control and stays forever;) but one thing that discourages me a bit, is that I’ve heard the sun protection is very unstable in it?- do U know sth. about i?

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading 🙂 I haven’t heard anything about the sun protection in the Missha BB cream, I think it’s quite impossible to tell how ‘well’ the sun protection works if you’re not a scientist haha but I think it works fine since its SPF 42 PA +++. They do say not to wear a sunscreen with the bb cream so that might be the problem.

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