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Little Summer Goodies

So I’ve recently acquired some products that I’m really excited to start/keep using. Some are samples I’ve received by ordering products online and some are full sized products. So to start, my absolute favorite moisturizer has to be Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel and lotion. I’m currently using the dramatically different moisturizing lotion but it’s almost finished so I got the gel. I like to keep interchanging the gel and lotion depending on the season, and my skin needs. 

Clinique’s moisturizers are incredibly gentle on my skin, which is very sensitive, and provide all day hydration. I’ll be doing a more in-depth review of this moisturizer because I just love it so much.

Now here is a Clinique product I haven’t tried before; the pore minimizer thermal activated cleanser that opens up pores for deep cleaning.  This looks promising so I’ll try this product and possibly do a review on it also.

Next up is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair sample that I received from my aunt, who is a huge Estee Lauder fan (she’s definitely trying to convert me). It’s a really light serum that goes on right before your moisturizer. It’s specifically for anti-aging, hydration and keeping skin looking young and glowing. But, seeing as I’m still young, I have no wrinkles so I can’t testify for the wrinkle-reducing properties.

And here we have the Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus. It’s basically a primer for your lashes and helps mascara go on and adhere better. Can’t wait to try that out.

 And this is the Estee Lauder Double Wear lip pencil in Spice. I’m usually not a fan of dark lip-colors particularly because I find it unflattering on my skin-tone. However, this seems to be a very natural looking lip pencil and it doesn’t smudge at ALL. Once it’s on, it stays on.

Then we have a Victoria Secret Blush/Highlighter Duo in Runway. I love the contrast of both colors, I particularly like the highlighter color more than the blusher but I’ll have to test them out and see how they look with each other.

I’m almost done! Since my favorite, favorite, favorite lipstick from SEPHORA Collections is breathing its last days, I got a MAC lipstick of the same color family (Coral), in Crosswires. I love the color Coral because it looks very flattering against my skin and it’s just so bright and summery. Crosswires is a pinky-orange color which I adore though it’s not the exact match to the R15 of the Sephora Rouge Collection, the Sephora Rouge is more of a light coral while Crosswires is a coral pink. Doesn’t matter, I love them both.

I have a drugstore mechanical eyeliner in Metallic Silver. Can’t say much about it except the color rubs off really fast.

And lastly, I have a sample of the Time Revolution Essence from Missha. Haven’t tried it yet so don’t know if it works well or not.

And that was my little (pretty long) overview of some products I got this summer :3 Have you guys tried any of these? Let me know what you think!


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