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Quick, Easy Facial!

1. Start by boiling a pot of water; I like to add a green tea bag to it because green tea has a ton of anti-oxidants and is really good in general.

2. After the water has boiled and the tea has steeped in it for a couple minutes, it should be cool enough to steam your face with.

3. Steam your face for about 5 minutes to open up your pores.

4. Don’t wash the evaporated water off, instead wipe it off gently and apply a clay mask. Clay masks are purifying and the clay helps to extract all the oil, sweat, makeup or gunk that may potentially clog your pores.

5. Finally, wash off your clay mask and cleanse. Exfoliate the dead skin cells as well. If you still have the green tea bag, you can rub it all over your face in place of a toner. Green tea works as a natural toner for your skin and soothes the skin.

6. Apply your moisturizer/cream by patting it into your skin to stimulate blood flow.

And there you have it, your skin should feel refreshed, clean and look a whole lot better. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Quick, Easy Facial!”

  1. This is great! I got a free sample of a rose clay mask when I ordered from Clarins so might give it a try later – my skin is feeling horrible at the moment! Love this blog ❤

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