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My Beauty Diary: Arbutin Whitening Mask Review!

 As I mentioned in a previous post, I had picked up this mask one day and I was really excited to try it and review it. The mask comes in a sturdy package that’s pink and has the structural makeup of Arbutin, the main ingredient of the mask, on it ^.^. Being the Orgo lover that I am, I was thrilled that my knowledge of organic chem actually came of some use and I could name the compound, LOL. (I’m definitively not a nerd!). If some may not know by now, Arbutin is a naturally occurring skin lightening agent (actually, a derivative of hydroquinone)  found in the leaves of cranberries, blueberries, and in pear skins. Arbutin is effective in brightening and whitening the skin, evening out the skin tone, fading dark marks and spots and rejuvenating the skin. The mask also contains Japanese cherry blossom extracts and the fruit enzymes of pineapple and poly-phenol (Antioxidant) of apples that all help to rejuvenate the skin and break down dead skin cells.

 My Beauty Diary masks are from Taiwan, so everything on the package, you probably won’t understand unless you read Chinese. However, it’s a sheet mask so it’s pretty easy and no-brainer to use.

After opening the package I was expected to be hit with a fragrance and was surprised the mask had no fragrance except for a very, very light lavender-ish smell…and a light chemical scent. Well, I didn’t let that throw me off and I placed the mask on my face for about 35 minutes. It was really cooling and refreshing, though not as much as the Black Pearl Mask. I couldn’t smell any scent of the mask while it was on my face so that was a plus. After taking it off, the mask appeared to be dry but that was not the case! Curiously, I wrung a piece of the cotton sheet and lo and behold, a ton of serum came out. The inside of the package also had a lot of serum left over as well; that and the remaining serum from the mask was enough for me to cover all of my face (again…twice), neck, elbows, hands, arms, and knees. Believe it or not. The absolute best thing about My Beauty Diary masks, are that they’re LOADED with serum/essence. You seriously get what you paid for and more. Not to mention this mask worked wonders for my skin. My face was glowing after taking it off and even when I woke up the next morning. Some of my dark spots definitively appeared lighter also, so I predict that with a few more uses of this mask and some exfoliation, they’ll be gone for good. 😀

This mask did brighten my skin tone, lighten my dark marks, and didn’t break me out.

Rate: 4.5/5


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