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DIY Aspirin Mask!

I’ve always loved DIY homemade masks because not only are they affordable, they can be found right in your kitchen. And most of them are all natural as well 🙂 So what is an aspirin mask and what does it do? For starters, the aspirin mask is well, made of aspirin, which made of salicylic acid, a Beta Hydroxy Acid. BHA has anti-inflammatory properties and is an exfoliant as well. Therefore, aspirin is incredibly good at clearing up your skin! It also improves wrinkles, blemishes, hyper-pigmentation, photo-damaged skin and brightens your skin tone. Be careful when going out in the sun after using the aspirin mask because the skin will be more sensitive to the sun, so you should apply a SPF of 30 or above.

How to make the aspirin mask:

1. Take 3 aspirin tablets and place a few drops of water on them to loosen them up, make sure you don’t melt the tablets completely because you’ll need some of the gritty texture to exfoliate with.

2. After loosening them up, add a teaspoon of honey or aloe to the aspirin and mix.

3. Apply the aspirin to your face, avoiding the eye area and let it sit for 15 minutes, you might feel a tingling sensation, don’t worry it’s just the aspirin affecting your skin!

4. After 15 minutes, wash the aspirin mask off while exfoliating gently. Apply a moisturizer and/or SPF if you’re going out in the sun.

And there you have it, your skin should look brighter and feel softer and smoother. 🙂

Tip: Do not overuse this mask, once or twice a week at most is how you should use it. Overuse will cause skin to become resistant and tolerant to the mask, rendering it ineffective.


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