The Hair Diary

  A little background on my hair: I’ve always had long hair even as a kid and I cannot bear cutting it even past my shoulder blades. It’s been bleached and dyed and highlighted around 5 times in the last couple of years. I get it cut once every few months to get rid of all the dead ends and such. Currently I’m trying to grow out my highlights, which is taking forever. My hair is in long layers so it’s a bit easier to handle than just one length of hair. As you can tell, my hair is curly, this is not the curliest it’s been but it’s pretty curly. What this means is: my hair retains as much moisture as the Sahara, it gets very frizzy and dry, often, and it requires a LOT of work…and products to maintain.

Seriously I’ve never met someone whose hair did not style or act the way they wanted it to. If I brush my hair, it gets unbelievably dry and frizzy. If I comb my hair, it gets unbelievably dry and frizzy. Not to mention, kills my ends and such. I can’t put heat on my hair everyday by straightening because, well, we all know how that goes. So how do I keep my hair healthy and moisturized? Since it’s summer, I can give my hair a break from heat like blow drying and flat ironing. To keep it moisturized and shiny, I usually wash every other day. Shampoo and rinse twice, then I apply conditioner GENEROUSLY and leave it to absorb for a few minutes. The key to having soft, healthy hair is to not wash out all of your conditioner. A 10 second rinse under the shower would be enough to get rid of all the excess. I wrap my hair in a towel to get rid of all the excess water as well, and since it’s summer, my hair dries relatively quickly without blow-drying, so I’d leave it to air-dry. When my hair is damp, I can finally take a comb or brush to it. I find it so much easier to comb through my hair while it’s damp because it doesn’t start frizzing and breaking and untangling is much easier when hair is wet than dry. To follow up, I’d spray some nourishing sheen spray, apply nourishing anti-breakage serum and maybe, (if it’s really dry) some mousse. I’m trying not to put mousse on my hair regularly during the summer because I depend on it so much everyday, when school starts and such. And also, my hair could use a break from all the crunchy mousse I put on it.

Now my hair is FAR from perfect and soft and silky and shiny and such but hey, I’ve got to work with what I’ve got.


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