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Review: Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

 I can’t say how much I’ve been wanting to review this tinted moisturizer and give an honest opinion on this product. When I first got it and tried it a few times, I hated it. So I just left it on my dresser to chill thinking  I would give it away soon. I ended up picking it up again and putting it to work and surprisingly, I don’t hate it as much anymore LOL.

 The coverage of this tinted moisturizer is very sheer; I’m not a fan of applying foundation on my entire face everyday but I would also like a bit of coverage too. Not to mention,  the consistency is very oily. I wouldn’t recommend applying this moisturizer with a brush or sponge because it’s so liquid-y that using your fingers might be the best option.  Having a sheer consistency, one would think that it’s a lightweight tinted moisturizer but nope. After applying this my face looks like a grease pan, and looking at my fingers after applying, they’re beyond greasy as well. Minimal coverage AND very greasy? Not a very good combo. Immediately after applying, I have to blot. I would NOT recommend wearing this outside on a hot summer day because it will make your face feel beyond oily.


Rate: 2.5/5

Stila came out with new-er tinted moisturizers but I can’t say I’ll be purchasing any of them, anytime soon.


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