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KORRES Lip Butter and Lip Glaze Review

Today I will be reviewing the KORRES Lip Butter and Lip Glaze, which are some of their best selling products. Everyone raves about these and seeing as I’ve been using these for a while, I thought I’d give my 2 cents. I got them in the color Pomegranate, because Wild Rose was out of stock.

The lip butter is $12 and the lip glaze is $14. If you’re thinking the price is crazy you shouldn’t. These two products really do give you your money’s worth. The lip butter is very moisturizing and leaves your lips feeling really soft; it also smells delish. It’s made with shea butter and rice wax, and is petroleum free. It gives you a really nice cherry sort of color, nothing that’s too dramatic and it also has a very glossy finish, so if you’re going for something matte, this isn’t for you. . The lip glaze is also moisturizing but it seems to come off too easily. However, I do like the fact that the lip glaze’s color is a lot more vibrant than the lip butter’s. Whereas the lip butter’s color is a natural tinge, the glaze is a lot more pigmented in my opinion.

What I found out though, even though these two were supposed to be in the same color (Pomegranate) when swatched they came out differently. I, for one, never even noticed this difference until I had swatched them. 

On the left is the lip glaze in Pomegranate and on the right is the lip butter also in Pomegranate. As you can see, two very different colors. One is more on the coral-orange side and the other is on the reddish side. Hence, the butter actually truer to color than the glaze. But, I could really care less about the colors, both are very moisturizing and give your lips a nice pop of color when you don’t want to go bare but also don’t want to wear lip stick. The butter I would use in the winter, when my lips get dry and chapped because of the cold and wind; the glaze in the summer because it’s a lot lighter but still very moisturizing.


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