Skincare Layering Routine

Skincare layering isn’t as extensive in North America and Europe as it is in Asia. Most of us just stick to a cleanser and moisturizer and we’re set. Asian women on the other hand, use about 6-9 skincare products everyday! They do so by layering the products onto their skin. By layering, you get the full effect of all the products. Because they’re all meant to do some good for your skin, layering them will provide your skin with the treatment and restoration it needs by multiplying the benefits! You can layer your skincare products twice a day, morning and night, however I prefer doing it at night because at night your body (including your skin!) regenerates and so the products are better absorbed into your skin, making them work better. The tip to layering your skincare products is to start off from thinnest to thickest.

First: You should start off by cleansing your face and then exfoliating. Cleanser as we all know removes dirt, oil and makeup from your face. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells and allows new skin cells to regenerate.

After cleansing you should apply a toner, which restores your skin’s pH balance and also removes traces of makeup and cleanser. Toners can also hydrate your skin and contain ingredients that are good for your skin.

After toning, you can move onto serums and essence. Since serums and essences are thinner than creams, they would go on first. Apply your serum onto your face by rubbing your fingertips together to warm them up and then patting them onto your face. If you use an essence, you would apply it after the serum.

Moving onto eye-cream, you want to take your ring finger (since it’s the weakest finger) and pat the eye cream starting from the inner corner of your eyes to your temples. Then using a swiping motion, spread the cream evenly on your under-eye area so it fully hydrates your skin.

After the eye-cream you can now move onto the heavier products like creams. Now you can apply your hydrating cream, anti-wrinkle cream, repairing cream and so forth. Remember the tip is to start from thinnest to thickest in consistency.

If you want to use a sleeping mask, now would be the time to put it on.

If you’re not sleeping with a sleeping mask you can seal everything on with nighttime jellyfacial oil or a base.  🙂


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