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My Beauty Diary: Black Pearl Mask review!

My friend picked up a box for me while she was in Asia because I was really excited to try this mask. At first glance, you probably won’t be able to read what’s on the box, or package. However, My Beauty Diary has a website (in English) telling you what the mask does, what it’s made with and so forth.         Image

There are 10 sheet masks in the box and they come in packages like this:Image

The mask is made with natural active black pearl ingredients which is supposed to soften and brighten the skin. And also pineapples, limes and cucumbers to accelerate the metabolism of the skin’s uppermost layer and to gently remove dead skin cells. 

My take: These masks really deliver! They’re packed with serum/essence so your skin gets the full benefits. It also has a pleasant non-overpowering smell to it that also lingers on your skin when you take the mask off. Every time I’ve used this mask I’ve noticed a more radiant appearance of my skin. After taking the mask off, (I usually leave it on for about 45 minutes rather than 20) and rubbing the remaining serum into my face and neck, my skin feels incredibly smooth and soft. One thing I don’t like about this mask is that after putting it on or taking it off, your fingers feel really slippery because of the essence so you have to wash or wipe it off. However, aside from the one negative, everything else about this mask is amazing!

You can find My Beauty Diary masks online at Amazon, Sasa, or any Asian beauty/pharmacy store.


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